Janeena Chan on the Chinoy Podcast Network: Making Our Choice in the Road Less Traveled the Creative Way

“Please be kind to yourself in the pursuit of your dreams!”

Because of the pandemic, social media has become increasingly essential in our daily lives. Some people use social media to keep up with what’s going on in the world and what’s popular. While some people make a living through social media, others do not. Some aspirants want to learn more about social media and want people to know that they exist because of their creativity. But how do we express ourselves on social media? Where should we begin?

CHiNOY TV is now officially launching the CHiNOY Podcast Network by hosting a webinar titled “The Power of Voice: Making Our Choice in the Road Less Traveled” with the goal of helping other Chinoys to speak out for themselves, conceptualize, promote, and inspire people.

In keeping with the theme of this webinar, we invited speakers who are well-versed in the podcast industry. Some of them are currently contributing to the Chinoy Podcast Network and are eager to share their knowledge of podcasting and how they choose to stay motivated in life. Today we’d like to highlight a talented woman named Janeena Chan.

Janeena Chan began her career as a UAAP courtside reporter before becoming a millennial TV host, podcaster, and content creator. She has since evolved into a lively event host with a large Instagram following. She’s well-known for her upbeat demeanor, clever and witty comebacks, and a look we’d like to imitate. However, she is best known as an award-winning multi-platform host and content creator. She has previously hosted Upfront at the UAAP on ABS-CBN Sports and Action, Chinoy TV on ANC, and now CNN. She is also an youth columnist and a Bell’s Palsy health advocate.

Janeena Chan has made significant contributions to the Chinoy Podcast Network. She hosts a podcast called “Rise Up with Janeena Chan,” in which she discusses real-life stories that inspire, strengthen, and empower others to Rise Up!

Having grown into the woman she is today, she pursues various careers and always gives her all to influence people positively. The reason for all of this is that she sees life in this manner, “In a world where we’re conditioned to constantly achieve, we do everything we can to avoid the feeling of failure… So much to a point that it cripples us to inaction. Please don’t let fear of judgement and failure stop you from using your talents to your fullest potential, making you feel truly alive, and most importantly, glorifying God.”

Learn more about how Janeena creatively shares her life on September 9, 2021 at 4:00-5:30pm in The Power of Our Voice: Making Our Choice on the Road Less Traveled.

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