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Janeena Chan’s 5 Tips to Rise Up

Janeena Chan. Photo courtesy of Janeena Chan.

Content creator, host, and vlogger, Janeena Chan, host of CHiNOY TV’s Rise Up Podcast, takes over the 6th episode, sharing inspirational life experiences and stories on how she achieved success.

She hopes for her audience to learn something along the way, to be able to rise up the way she did. 

Here are her 5 tips to rise up:


1. Be open to opportunities.

Chan shared that she had a well-balanced childhood and that set the foundation for her passion and career.

“I’m so grateful for the industry na I was able to enjoy, parang feeling ko playground ko lang talaga siya,” she shared. “And also, in between all the modelling was singing, I never stopped singing, too. Whenever there would be an opportunity, I would always say yes to it kasi I will always state na first love ko yon.” 

Chan recalled how her passion for hosting started because she took the opportunity to host a tele-magazine show when she was 11 years old.

“And I am just so grateful for that opportunity because without that, I wouldn’t even know that hosting would be such a fulfilling career too,” shared Chan.


2. Go outside your comfort zone.

Chan wanted to remind aspiring content creators that their content should always reflect who they are and what they stand for. By doing this, they will be able to connect with their audience.

For her, Chan said, “As long as it’s in line with my lifestyle, I still want it to be [as] organic as possible, still be able to give fresh ideas without losing sight of my values, and just have fun with it always.”

Chan encouraged listeners to not stay in their comfort zone. For content creators, this is how their brand can grow. Content must constantly change and innovate, not for the market, but for them to personally discover what content would truly be effective for their brand.  


3. Do what you love.

“I think starting a career or choosing a career path, it’s so so important to really love what you do,” Chan said. “Choose the career path na kahit maging mahirap siya, gugustihin mo paring gawin kasi gusto mo siya, and you know it’s your purpose, too. And if you feel burnt out or a little stressed, think of the bigger picture — that you’re doing this for a bigger purpose.”

4. Prioritize your health.

“I think for me it’s really prioritizing or being clear with your priorities, knowing when to say yes, and knowing when it’s good for you overall and knowing when to say no and balancing a holistic lifestyle. At the end of the day, it’s not all career,” Chan said.

Chan went on to say that if you want to be successful, you will have to make sacrifices. But the only thing that you should not sacrifice is health. 

“You can’t excel in your career if you are unhealthy or unwell so prioritize your health and your personal life,” Chan said.

She added that rest is vital for any situation, not just for content creating. Resting helps generate ideas so that you’ll be in a better headspace to think after. 


5. Consider your struggles as redirection.

“In life, there is nothing constant but change, and change can be mistaken as obstacles,” Chan said. “We have certain expectations of how things are going then it changes, and for us, it’s a problem na. Maybe we shouldn’t think of it that way, maybe we should think of it as a redirection.”

“Train your hearts to be positive and be strong,” she advised. 

Chan also added that when challenges get too much, always go to your support system because they will  comfort you and help you get through it.

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