Kris Aquino and Kim Chiu Both Involved in Viral Meme


The Philippines’ Queen of All Media and Chinita Princess are once again the subjects of memes as an interview between the two, Kris Aquino and Kim Chiu, has resurfaced and has been making the rounds on social media.

The meme comes from Kris Aquino’s reaction to Kim getting flustered while trying to thank her fans for their support in a 2014 interview. In an effort to help Kim express her thoughts, Kris prompts her by asking, “And na-touch ka because?”


The relatable frustrated statement is now a meme for various topics. ranging from politics to animations.




Kim even jumps on the bandwagon, posting a tweet of her own.


Kris joined in on the fun, turning it into a game.


And I’m gonna give this a try:


How did I do?

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