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Kyno Kho: the Event Stylist for the Wedding of Your Dreams

Kyno Kho, a creative and up-and-coming event stylist is making his way to the top. Making the season of love more meaningful for each client, one couple at a time, he has become the styling genius behind just about every Instagram-worthy marriage proposal and wedding.

Recently, he was asked to design Sam YG’s wedding proposal, turning a 20-square-meter room in Sam YG’s house into a fairytale-like setting. Kho’s event styling company, Project Art PH, continues to have a multitude of satisfied clients due to Kho’s leadership, passion, excellent eye for detail, and unmatched vision and creativity.


The winding road

Ever since he was young, Kho was already been into arts. The first time he got into event styling was when he was given the opportunity to design the in-house events of his church, Grace Christian Church of the Philippines.

He studied in Grace Christian College from kinder all the way up to college where he took up accounting. After graduating, he didn’t pursue being an events stylist right away. He entered the corporate world and became an operations manager of a steel company, then eventually resigned to follow his passion. He became the events manager/creative associate of the celebrity stylist, Gideon Hermosa.

Kho remarked that if he had known that there would be a career for being an event stylist, then he would have taken a course related it. Nevertheless, he is still grateful to have taken accounting, having gained the  skills that he still applies in his event styling business today. 


Living the dream

Finally starting his own business at a young age back in November 2019, he was able to express his creativity by giving his clients the best wedding or event they could hope for.

“When passion meets creativity, all dreams can come true!” Kho said, sharing Project Art PH’s belief and company slogan. “I want to help people achieve their dream wedding or event, which is why I decided to start Project Art PH. Aside from this, I also get to do what I love for a living.”

Kho is also very thankful to have two loving parents who are completely supportive of him as he continues to fulfill his lifelong dream and God-given talent of being an event stylist.

“I don’t feel like I am working,” Kho shared. “There are a lot of challenges and sleepless nights for us event stylists, but it’s all worth the effort once the final ‘product’ has been rendered. I like that my job always changes and that there’s no monotony in what we do. I also like that I get to go to different places. And finally, seeing the client happy is the best reward we can get.”


Left: First destination of wedding in Balesin; Right: Kyno Kho and his designed Balesin Chapel set-up. Photos courtesy of Kyno Kho.


He has even gained a huge amount of success  in such as short amount of time that his events are dubbed, “Kynofied.” However, Kho admitted that it hasn’t been always a smooth journey to the top, but he has  learned to deal with the challenges and overcome them.

“Since my company just started November 2019, I had the struggle of putting a name for myself and getting clients,” Kho shared. “COVID-19 actually affected my business positively. I am so grateful to my friends who got me for their events even if I was just starting. Because of their trust and support, I was able to slowly build my portfolio.”


Venue transformation by Kyno Kho. Photo courtesy of Kyno Kho.


Spreading love through his passion

Kho knows how important the events are to his clients so he does everything he can to make sure they’re special and memorable moments. 

“There are a lot of factors we consider when we style our events,” Kho said. “If possible, I do my best to get to know the couple or the client. Some of the things I consider, aside from the technicals, are their love story, hobbies, places they’ve been to, etc. Aside from these, I also get inspirations from my travels, museums, gardens, amusement parks, and the like.”

As the season of love has finally arrived, Kho speaks of the value of grand wedding proposals and how the pandemic shouldn’t limit these special events from happening.

“For me, I think a romantic set-up for two is something that would make the event memorable,” Kho shared. “It only happens once, and it will be a story to tell for the rest of your life. Imagine having your bedroom transformed into a different world — wouldn’t that be a good conversation starter?”

“Since our current situation limits our travels, I think that made our clients want to have a set up in their home. I would say that instead of you going out, we could bring the destination to your home.”


Venue transformation of Sam YG’s proposal earlier this year. Photo courtesy of Kyno Kho.


Tips for event stylists

Although Kho humbly stated that he is still in the learning stage, he has some advice that are worth sharing for all the aspiring event designers and stylists out there:

1. Don’t be afraid to start your own business. “I took the risk of being jobless for a couple of months just to start my company. I believe that building your company is an endless process, but if you won’t start now, when will you?”

2. Invest in yourself and never stop learning. “Every event is an experience and a learning opportunity. Watch videos on YouTube, search for ideas on Pinterest, attend a masterclass, etc.”

3. Always be kind to your co-suppliers. “Help them whenever you can because you all have a common goal of making the event a success.”

4. Think outside the box. “Let your creative mind explore! Don’t be afraid to try something new.”

5. Always keep your client’s interest in mind and cater to their needs. “It may only be another event for us as a supplier, but it’s a milestone for our clients.”


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