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Learn about business management in a pandemic with Modern Tao Ke TV

MODERN Tao Ke TV Valerie Tan

For the past few months, CHiNOY TV has teamed up with Globe myBusiness Academy to launch the Modern Tao Ke Campaign, shedding light on how family-run businesses operate and evolve through the generations. With the aim of aiding Chinoy entrepreneurs into becoming modern tao kes, the campaign launched the ‘Create. Modern Tao Ke: The Transformational Journey of Family Businesses Through Innovation’ webinar series, offering business experiences and insights to tao kes during these troubling times.

This November, CHiNOY TV is proud to announce the continuation of the Modern Tao Ke Campaign with Modern Tao Ke TV, a televised business special that will feature thought-provoking discussions on the country’s pandemic-affected entrepreneurial landscape. Having invited multiple successful industry leaders, the two-part 30-minute show aims to share business tips and stories of success that will provoke learning, inspiration, and connection among Filipino-Chinese tao kes, especially supporting business owners from small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). 

Modern Tao Ke TV will present seven key speakers per episode to be revealed soon. 

Modern Tao Ke TV is set to air on ABS-CBN News Channel (ANC) at 8:00 PM on November 14 and 21. Meanwhile, replays are scheduled at 10:00 AM on November 15 and 22. 

In the midst of re-opening and continuing operations under a new normal, Globe myBusiness and CHiNOY TV hope for Modern Tao Ke TV to encourage initiative and digital innovation among tao kes adapting to a rapidly changing society. 

For more information and details on the Modern Tao Ke TV series, stay tuned to announcements on CHiNOY TV’s Facebook page

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