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Learn What It Takes To ‘Market Online’ With DLSU JEMA

Being raised in an already business-oriented family, how then do we take our skills to the next level? How do we best make an impact on the businesses we plan to pour ourselves into?

DLSU JEMA’s premier marketing organization co-presented by CHiNOYTV presents to you a chance to delve into the minds of the top professional marketers within the industry. The professional marketer has a way of leaving a mark and giving value to his market. He understands well the risk of starting a business with competitors who are constantly striving as well. However, through his experience, he understands well the role of marketing and reaching his audience. He knows how to reach their hearts and gives value to earn for himself a sustainable means of income despite the pandemic.

As potential successors of our family businesses and as those entering the business world, how does one truly learn to put our businesses out there? How can we create a relationship with our customers through social media? How do we take our family businesses to another level and create a loyal customer base highly engaged with recurring sales in addition to engagement?

Surf with us as DLSU’s premier marketing organization, Junior Entrepreneurs’ Marketing Association (JEMA) co-presented by CHiNOYTV, invites professionals within the industry to share with us what it takes to surf the wave and market online. Surf the vast difference between the methods and mindsets employed by the professional in reaching out to their audience.

DLSU JEMA is pleased to invite you to their upcoming webinar event, Surfing the Wave: Marketing Online, happening on 2:00 – 4:00 PM this 29th of August 2020, Saturday, via Open Broadcast Software – Streamlabs. The event will give insight and provide guidance towards:

1) Reach your Market – What does it take to make a connection and expand to the right audience that highly values your product? This topic delves into reaching and communicating with your target market through social media and appealing to your exact target market and consumer base.

2) Leave your Mark – How does one create enough value to leave a mark with its audience? These topics delve into increasing online engagement and clickability on your online advertisements.

3) Create Consumer Loyalty – Creating loyalty is about building a trusting and mutual relationship with its customers. Through the talk, speakers will delve into what it takes to truly build trust and engaging relationships through online marketing. This also delves into various techniques to encourage your audience to share content back as well as a form of engagement through creating incentives or offering a platform towards a good cause. 

Get inspired and pulled into the action as we hold you by the hand to see behind the scenes of the marketing side playing along in entrepreneurship. Surf the Wave: Online Marketing gives you firsthand insight from the point of view of professional and prominent individuals highly engaged in today’s businesses. 

Surf the Wave. Ride the Motion. Inspire Emotion.

Experience a different side of Marketing through the Junior Entrepreneurs’ Marketing Association’s Surf the Wave: Online Marketing,

Will you surf this wave with us?

You can register through the following links:

Internal Participants (DLSU):

External Participants (Non-DLSU):

For more updates visit Surfing The Wave’s official event page as well as DLSU JEMA’s official social media accounts:





Write-Up by Ryan Lotilla

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