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Life Lessons from Netflix Original Drama ‘The Prince of Tennis’ 

Tennis Prince

Tennis Prince

You got your friends no matter what happens!

The Prince of Tennis is a Netflix Original drama released in July 2019. It is one of the few Chinese dramas we can watch that strictly follow the original manga version more closely than any other live-action dramas. 

The Prince of Tennis is about the life of a tennis prodigy who has grown up overseas and has been trapped under the shadow of his father, who was a Legend in Tennis but retired early. Later on, his father sent him back to China to let him find his own self and learn why he is playing tennis in the first place. When he joined the high school tennis team and met a bunch of tennis masters, his life began to change. 

Here are the most significant takeaways from this recommended drama:

1) Just because you’re young doesn’t mean you don’t have the potential.

Lu Xia is a freshman high school student who recently transferred to Yu Qing High School. As a school newbie, other students despised him, saying he doesn’t have the potential. After playing a few matches for the varsity qualifying team, Lu Xia has defeated most of the main players and became the first freshman who got into the varsity team of the school.


2) Learn to accept defeat and improve from it.

Si Yang, the captain of the team, asked Lu Xia for a match to show him that he can do more and better. His goal was to teach him to become the new power of Chinese Tennis.  Although Lu Xia was defeated by the team captain, this had motivated him to look more for his true self, to look for his own style or techniques.


3) No matter what circumstances you are in, your friends are there. 

Xinglong, one of the main players of Yu Qing High School was having doubts about whether he should continue to play tennis or help his father in running his restaurant. Although he helps his dad in cleaning the food joint after class, he would practice tennis in the middle of the night so that he could spare his teammates from losing. Lu Xia was there for him every night and practiced with him.

4) Friends will always support you even if it’s none of their business!

When the coach asked Lu Xia to accompany her niece on a weekend to the nearest tennis rack repair shop, most of his teammates followed them and wanted to see whether they are on a date or not. Knowing that the niece has a crush on Lu Xia they suspected that they were a thing, but ended up leaving and concluding that they are just friends. Even though they are busy with their own lives, they took the time to follow and spy on them. 


5) True friends won’t lie to you.

The snake ball technique is Bai Yang’s greatest style when defeating the enemy. It is hard to hit back since it has a very strong force. When Zhi Ming, the strategist of the team told him to use his strength on his lower arm instead, Bai Yang refused and did not listen. When they were teamed up for the duo match, he followed Zhi Ming’s instructions and won the game easily.   

And lastly, 

6) Friends will be there to make you shine brighter.

Jia Le and  Da Chi are known as the Golden Partner of the team. They are the legends when it comes to duo matches because of their sense of partnership and connection. In the middle of the series, they got some misunderstandings that almost caused the pair to break apart. Da Chi felt that he is a burden to Jia Le because of his stomach pains and wanted Jia Le to shine. When they got back together, Da Chi couldn’t attend the match because he was in the hospital and didn’t have a choice but to stay there. He relied upon the message to Qiao Chen and asked him to be the partner of Jia Le instead. Jia Le indeed shined and showed everyone that he can take the lead also.

Each one of us has our own phase in developing, but we sure can count on our friends and families when we need them!


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