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Lin Siniang: A Fearless Female Warrior in Ancient China

China was engaged in a conflict with both mankind and nature in 1629. The military pushed the nation’s finances to the limit in battles with Korea, Japan, and Mongolia.

Famine broke out in the north of China when it was affected by the longer, colder winters brought on by declining average temperatures. As there were not enough crops to feed the soldiers, many of them banded together in gangs and destroyed the land.

Despite the fact that her family was not wealthy, Lin Siniang’s father made sure to teach her how to handle a sword, a spear, and martial arts. Even at the age of six, she was so skilled that others were in awe of her.

Lin Siniang’s parents were slain while she was a teenager, leaving her without a family to take care of her. She was forced to start working as a prostitute beside the Qinhuai River, not far from present-day Nanjing.

Soon after their wedding, the king had Lin Siniang teach all of the royal concubines her combat techniques. The ladies found the fighting and defense practice to be so enjoyable that they persisted and eventually formed an all-female army.

Rebels from the provinces of Shaanxi (Sha-she) and Shanxi (Shon-She) traveled to the North in quest of food due to catastrophic drought and hunger. King Zhu was captured by the rebels while in his mountain refuge because he didn’t take the threats as seriously as he ought to have.

When Lin Siniang learned that the king had been taken, she gathered her army of concubine warriors and led an assault against the rebel army. The enemy was first perplexed by the presence of women, and Lin’s army was highly effective in eliminating a significant portion of the rebels.

After the ladies were successful in freeing the king from captivity, the rebel army finally overcame them, leaving only Lin alive.

Until she could no longer stand, she fought off every kick, sword, and spear before succumbing to the fatal blow.

It would just take a minute or two to tell the Lin Siniang narrative, but sometimes it’s the little things in life that have the largest effects. Young Lin Siniang, who died while commanding her self-taught army in a fight to save the monarch, was only fifteen years old. After having lived as a peasant, a prostitute, and a princess, her life lives on as legend.

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