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#LiveItchFree with Kamedis: A dermo-cosmetic brand that truly cares about you

Finding a skincare brand that actually cares about your skin while being affordable is truly challenging. Enter Kamedis— a dermo-cosmetic brand that fuses traditional Chinese medicine botanicals and modern science to create a set of skincare products that is safe even for babies and young children to try. People with eczema (atopic dermatitis) may be interested in trying out Kamedis, as their products mainly focus on relieving flare-ups caused by eczema and other chronic skin conditions such as dandruff (seborrhea), psoriasis, and more. 

I am thankful to be given the opportunity to try out their products. As a skincare enthusiast who actually read the ingredients list of a skincare product before purchasing, I was excited to try their Ultra Hydration Gel, Intense Moisture Cream, Calm Gentle Soothing Wash, and AC-Clear Face Mask that did not contain any of the ingredients that I was allergic to. Luckily, I was just on the hunt for a good facial moisturizer and cleanser that does not dry out my skin or make it tight, so the opportunity to try out their products just came in at the right time!

Kamedis Calm Gentle Soothing Wash (200 ml, P1,200)

The Kamedis Calm Gentle Soothing Wash (200 ml, P1,200) was the first product I tried as it is a cleanser for the face and the body. Made with premium botanical ingredients such as the Portulaca Oleracea (more commonly known as Purslane), Rheum Palmatum (also known as the Chinese Rhubarb), and Sapindus Mukurossi (more known as Soapberry) that have anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and anti-fungal properties, using the Kamedis Calm Gentle Soothing Wash surprised me since it left my skin feeling moisturized and well-hydrated. I was so used to cleansers drying out my skin that I would always pair my cleanser with a rich moisturizer so my face does not feel tight, so using this was a pleasant experience.

Kamedis Ultra Hydration Gel (100 ml, P1,200)

Next up, the Kamedis Ultra Hydration Gel (100 ml, P1,200) has a water-based formulation that makes it not heavy to use for the face and the neck. The Ultra Hydration Gel is made with hydrating and moisturizing ingredients such as glycerin, hyaluronic acid, and allantoin; which I believe was what made my face so supple just right after using it. Made with Kamedis’ very own Calm Botaniplex™ System, it reinforces the skin barrier while treating itchy, irritated skin. The gel felt rich when I spread it on my face, but it does not feel heavy. I also noticed that my makeup base looked smoother after I started using this as a face moisturizer, which is good since my base tends to look a bit dry and flaky due to my previous moisturizer not being able to moisturize my face properly.

In addition, I tend to look for hyaluronic acid when buying skincare products because I know it increases the skin’s elasticity and acts as a humectant, which means it keeps your skin hydrated while making sure that water does not escape from your skin’s surface easily. The Ultra Hydration Gel lays nicely on my skin, as its gel formulation helps a lot in being hydrating and moisturizing while not being too heavy for the Philippines’ hot climate. With this moisturizer, you only need a pea-sized amount to cover your entire face.

Kamedis Calm Intense Moisture Cream (150 ml, P1,750)

Kamedis Calm Intense Moisture Cream (150 ml, P1,750) “relieves & hydrates extremely dry, red, and irritated skin.” It contains ceramides, which according to cosmetic chemist Michelle of Lab Muffin are a skincare ingredient that restores skin integrity and supports a healthy skin barrier. When I tried this on my arms (my arms are very dry), I noticed that my flaky skin suddenly looked well-moisturized. After a few hours of being outside, the Calm Intense Moisture Cream on my arms did not feel sticky, which is a huge plus since I sweat a lot.

Kamedis AC-Clear Face Mask (P1,300)

Finally, the Kamedis AC-Clear Face Mask (P1,300)  is advertised as a sheet mask that “intensely purifies oily skin prone to blemishes and pimples.” The Kamedis AC-Clear Face Mask contains 5 sheet masks in a box, and these sheet masks deeply cleanse the skin pores and moisturize reddish skin. 

While using this sheet mask, I had to leave it on my face for 15 minutes before I removed it. After removing the sheet mask, I noticed that my face felt really hydrated. I recommend using a light face moisturizer after using the AC-Clear Face Mask since your face is already hydrated from the sheet mask. This sheet mask is suggested to be used once or twice every week.

Overall, I had a really positive experience with Kamedis skincare products! I would definitely continue using their products since I was not expecting their products to work so well with my normal to dry skin— and I highly recommend their products to anyone who is looking to use skincare items that are effective while being affordable.

You can buy their skincare products through their official Shopee, Lazada, and website:

Don’t forget to check out their social media to not miss any updates and giveaways that they may be holding!

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