Lloyd And Shamcey Supsup-Lee’s Love Story: On Breaking The Great Wall

There’s a stereotype that loving someone from the Chinese community is like overcoming the Great Wall of China. It is already difficult to navigate relationships when integrating two cultures. Moreover, Chinoys are a tight-knit community, making potential FIlipino-Chinese relationships extra challenging.

However, should the Chinese community keep its doors closed?  But what if you give love a chance like businessman and beauty queen couple Lloyd and Shamcey Supsup-Lee? 

By proving that love is worth fighting for, the couple overcame cultural differences, and a balance integrating Filipino-Chinese traditions.

Getting Their Parent’s Approval 

“How do you break the wall? It’s basically acceptance. Kaming dalawa since we’re really serious with our relationship, we accepted that it’s not just the two of us but accepting that this is a relationship between two families,” shares the couple. 

In Asian culture, parents have authority towards their children’s choice of life partner. Through perseverance, Lloyd and Shamcey showed how they value their families by learning the cultural differences and respecting traditions. And with effort, they finally got approval. 

For Lloyd Lee’s dad, he had to prove that love is worth fighting for. Lloyd showed his intention of marrying Shamcey by giving her a promise ring. He also showed that he did not consider Shamcey as a trophy wife/partner. 

On Shamcey’s side, she invested in learning Chinese culture and understanding why business is essential in Chinese families. Shamcey’s mom also had stereotypes that Filipinos who married a Chinese family would be an “Alipin,” like in the Mano Po movies.

Despite these negative stereotypes, Lloyd and Shamcey stayed true to their love for each other and attested that biases exist because of misconception. 


Love Conquers Cultural And Career Differences 

Love is a lifetime of effort and hard work. Despite proving their love, the couple had to meet halfway in other respects. Lloyd is a businessman, while Shamcey is a corporate employee before becoming a beauty queen. 

As two people with contrasting personalities, finding common ground may prove difficult. But Lloyd and Shamcey still persevere to maintain their relationship with each other and their respective families.

“The reason why we want to have a harmonious relationship with everybody [in the family] is not because of the money, it’s because we want to be a part of their life. We want our kids to be a part of their life because we love them, we respect them. Yun yung naging parang pinaka core kung bakit no matter anong struggle with the differences. we always go back to it,” the couple shared. 

When you truly love someone, like Lloyd and Shamcey do, personal and cultural differences can be overcome. 

“So with a Chinese family and a Filipino family we have to have a bit deeper understanding of each culture and tradition,” reflects the couple. 

The Realities Of Marriage

Most people think that after getting married, it’s happily ever after, but in reality, it’s a constant effort of understanding, making time, and communication. 

“But because you’re committed, you’re committed to love the person you work hard with so that you will love the person again and again. So it’s hard work. Kaya ang values namin we both came from a family of hard working people.”

This has led to an inspiring love story that also shows the way for other couples. It’s time to teach the new generation of Chinoys that love is beautiful in all forms, regardless of race, culture, and tradition. 

“And here are the 3 things you should know about Chinoy marriages. Number one, it’s about commitment and compromise. Number two, it’s a marriage of two families. Number three, it’s the best of both worlds,” Shamcey Supsup’s advice for other couples. 

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