LOOK: Hilton Manila for Your Future Staycations and Events

Miss staycations? Hilton Manila has equipped itself to be your hotel of choice with their EventReady CleanStay Program!

Upon arrival at the hotel, your temperature is taken at a temperature chamber that has an automatic hand sanitizer dispenser to kill germs and bacteria you may have picked up outside the hotel. Personal Protective Equipment disposal bins are available so you can properly toss out your used masks.

Elevators are regularly sanitized, with only four people allowed at a time to ensure proper social distancing is observed.



The Hilton CleanStay seal on each door assures guests that the room has been properly sanitized. You can opt to use your keycard to unlock the rooms, but a digital key is available for a contactless option. Even the glasses and mugs provided are sealed, and bathrobes are only available upon request. Rest your head on their fluffy pillows and clean sheets knowing that your room has not been entered by anyone else but you since it has been cleaned.





They’ve ensured extra disinfection of the top 10 high-touch areas, like the doorknobs, light switches, and the remote control.

Conduct your business discussions in one of their Meeting Rooms. Aside from the CleanStay seal, each person gets wipes, a pouch for their face mask, packaged sanitized utensils, and individually served food trays covered with a lid, to ensure your protection. The great food is sure to score you points with whoever you are meeting with.



They even have something called the Vubble. Enjoy your date nights in the Vubble, a clear dome that provides you with a beautiful view of the pool as you enjoy an intimate three-course meal.



The ballroom is set up for bigger events but still enforces safety protocols with their EventReady program. Once the government protocols allow, at functions that have more than 50 participants, a safety warden present to make sure that nobody forgets to observe social distancing even while enjoying themselves.



Hilton Manila is the place to rely on for your event needs and staycations when you just want a break from the world. Whether you’re celebrating or just relaxing, Hilton Manila will provide you with a safe and memorable experience.

What are you waiting for? Book a stay at the Hilton Manila.

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