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The Business of Looking your Best: Summer Makeup for Chinoys and the Local Brands to Try Now

Summer is here and as much as we love to travel during the summer months, the pandemic isn’t exactly over yet. Flights being grounded doesn’t mean you can’t look like you’re jet setting around the country or the world. A little bit of makeup here and there can perk up your mood and make it feel like you’re on vacation. We’ve got a few favorite makeup looks that can help you get into the summer groove and a few local makeup brand products that can help achieve the summer look you want.


Bronze Beach Bunny

Source: Instagram.com/Ellana Minerals

Source: Instagram.com/Ellana Minerals

It’s inevitable that a nice clean bronze look would pop up on a list of summer makeup looks. It’s classic and beautiful and can be done with such minimal effort. Ellana Cosmetics has foundation shades that could double as beautiful bronzers in the summer. The Loose Mineral SkinShield Foundation Jar with SPF16 provides a nice summer tan to your look while keeping excess oils at bay.

Source: Instagram.com/Painted Cosmetics

A nice pat of Painted Cosmetics’ Velvet Rouge in the shade Soleil across your nose and lips and you’re good to go.

Source: Instagram.com/Moone Beauty

If you want an extra level of oomph, apply Moone Beauty’s Glowgasm Highlighter to the high points of your face (and your decolletage if it’s exposed) and you’ll look like you just got back from sunbathing in Boracay.


Avant Garde Artist


Source: Instagram.com/Hey Hue

Source: Instagram.com/Hey Hue

If crazy colors are the name of your makeup game as you envision yourself exploring the eclectic streets of Harajuku, picking up some hydraliners from HeyHue will allow you to let your creativity run wild with graphic eyeliners that supply both pigment and longevity.

Source: Instagram.com/Filipinta

Source: Instagram.com/Filipinta Beauty

If eyeshadow is something you’re more comfortable playing with, look no further than Filipinta Beauty. Their palettes are made up of beautiful colors inspired by Filipino culture, and depending on which one you choose, you can get a complete set of funky colors or a combination of neutrals with just a hint of color.

Source: Instagram.com/Issy & Co.

That much focus on your eyes means that you’re going to want your eyebrows to be flawless and who else would you turn to but Issy & Co. Cosmetics and their beloved Brow Refiner. Pick up one of their Hydraglosses in a shade of your choice to finish off your look.


Soft and Romantic Beauty

Source: Instagram.com/Strokes Beauty Lab

Source: Instagram.com/Strokes Beauty Lab

Fuss-free and easy, but still elegantly beautiful is the look you’ll get if you use Strokes Beauty Lab Eye Paint Duos. The combination of the matte and metallic shade create a beautiful ethereal effect on the eyelid.

Source: Instagram.com/Lip Pinas

Add any color from LIP•PINAS Kulay Kayumanggi Tinted Lip Balm set on your cheek and on your lips to tie up the look.


Source: Instagram.com/GRWM Cosmetics

Source: Shopee.ph/GRWM Cosmetics

Or maybe one of the Milk Tints from GRWM Cosmetics will round out this look that is so ready for the romantic dates you’ll have even if they’re online.


What looks are you looking forward to creating this summer? And what brands are your HGs or holy grails? We would love to hear which local makeup brands we need to know about!

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