Lucky Fruits You Should Have for Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is almost here, and what better decorations for your table than edible fruit? The Chinese have assigned meanings and symbols to most things, and fruits are no exemption. They symbolize good luck for the new year.

Here are the lucky fruits that you should adorn your dining table with to welcome the Year of the Metal Ox:


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This is called “onglai” in Hokkien, referring to the arrival of prosperity.



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Apples symbolize wisdom and peace. After 2020, we could all use some of that.



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The round fruits represent gold and wealth.  It also sounds like the Chinese word for prosperity, “cheng.” The way it is written even contains the Chinese character for “luck.”



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A cluster of grapes at the table symbolizes wealth and abundance. It is also said to bring fertility, many descendants, and family harmony to a household.



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Bananas grow as a bunch, symbolizing family unity. As an offering, it’s a wish for education and excellence at both school and work.



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For the Chinese, watermelons represent long life and immortality.



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Forever and eternity is what a papaya symbolizes in Chinese culture.



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Lychees symbolize the wish for close times for the new year.



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The Chinese for pomelo is “you” which, aside from tone, sounds like the Mandarin word “to have” and “again.” Pomelos mean good health, fertility, and family unity.


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