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Luxurious Mahjong Set Now Available In Singapore For $57.2k

When you think 2020 can’t even get crazier, it just did. Hermès has launched a Mahjong set called “Helios Mahjong Set” for SGD 57.2k, pricing itself higher than brands like Prada who also sell costly sets.  

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 Instead of the typical green Mahjong set, this one is “in solid palissander wood and printed Swift calfskin, tiles in printed full leather.”

Another feature that sets it apart from the norm is that the printed full leather tiles does not create that loud shuffling sound but rather “knock gently against each other, while the little sticks keep track of the score with a delicate rustling sound.”

So, if you are a Mahjong enthusiast or someone who collects high-end goods, you can make your purchase here.

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