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Making the Best Investment Decisions for a Prosperous 2022

Written by: Stef Juan

CHiNOY TV, in partnership with Landco, hosted an online event last February 18, 2022 that gathered Filipino-Chinese entrepreneurs and executives together to learn more about what the Year of the Water Tiger has in store for them. Auspicious Living: Investment Forecasts for the Year of the Water Tiger 2022 is all about the best investments that we can make moving forward this year. 

Success and Luck for the Year of 2022 

The first speaker is the award-winning Feng Shui and Bazi consultant, Master Kevin Foong. Based in Singapore, he has traveled worldwide to deliver key note addresses on Feng Shui to more than 18 countries including China, Taiwan, New York, Manila, Malaysia, Australia, Dubai, and HongKong and speaks to more than one million people annually in live seminar events and online platforms. He has 20 years of research experience in the classical system of Feng Shui which includes the Imperial Land Form Feng Shui, San He Feng Shui, San Yuan Xuan Kong, and Bazi.

Master Kevin emphasized the importance of knowing the time of our birth, along with our birthdays when it comes to getting an accurate forecast of an individual’s future according to personalized Bazi chart. He directed the audience to log on to KFBaziI.com so they can look up their animal signs for reference in his talk. 

Before he began his discussion, Master Kevin said that this forecast is more of a 360 coverage because, “Everything in life is an investment — your relationships, your health, your professions, and businesses,” he explained. 

One of the key takeaways from Master Kevin’s talk is the true concept of luck. It’s about energy and our relationship to it. “Everything in our life is about energy,” he said. “If you understand energy and learn how to work it to your advantage then you will see your life would have less resistance than some people out there. That should be the goal moving forward.” 

According to Master Kevin, success and luck are governed by three components: Heaven (your date and time of your birth, known as Bazi), Earth (the places where you work and live — Feng Shui), and Man (the decisions that you make). 

In the next portion of his talk, Master Kevin dove into each animal sign’s over-all and investment forecast for 2022 and gave insights and advice on how to use what they learn moving forward. While not all signs had auspicious stars this year, Master Kevin assured the Tao Kes that it doesn’t mean that they would have a bad year. “Negative stars will not affect you at all if you make the right decisions to counter them,” he said. 

Auspicious Investments 

Master Kevin mentioned in his talk that in Feng Shui, mountains govern relationships and people, while seas and rivers govern wealth. Investing on a beach property — in addition to living by the beach fosters good energy and sounds just divine — is a good call because it’s considered lucky, as far as investments are concerned. 

This is why the second guest speaker, Gibby Penaflor, a Property Investment Adviser from Landco, renowned for pioneering premium landscapes and committed to long-term sustainability for more than 30 years, came to talk about investing in beach properties. 

Mr. Penaflor said that despite the economic uncertainties   in the past few years, real estate remained a safe and stable investment. In fact, the property value appreciation of Punta Fuego in Batangas, one of Landco’s premium beach developments, consistently and significantly grew even through the recent challenging years.  Moreover, just last year, Landco’s latest BeachTowns in Calatagan and Laiya, San Juan,Batangas were two of the developments with the highest grossing sales milestones. “This goes to show that more people are now looking at leisure properties as part of their investment portfolio,” he shared. 

“There are three things that an investor usually considers when buying a beach property. The first one is practical. It factors in the property’s distance from the investor’s home base. Having it two to four hours away from your home is the sweet spot. It’s not too far that you need to prepare a lot before heading there, and it’s not too near for you to take it for granted. There’s also a question if you could be productive while you’re there. Work from Anywhere has now become the norm because of the pandemic, would your property have good signal and other infrastructure to support that need? 

Another consideration is emotional. If you buy a beach property, of course you don’t just think about yourself. It’s actually a shared investment and you think about what your family and friends would like, too. 

The last consideration is logical. It takes into account the value of appreciation of the land that you’re investing in. Does it show promise? 

Landco is known for its leisure properties around Batangas — particularly Punta Fuego in Nasugbu and their new beach towns in Laiya and Calatagan. The last two, in particular, are promising investment opportunities for the Tao Kes. They check all the boxes raised by the aforementioned considerations. They are both near and far enough from Metro Manila for a beach getaway and as a second home. Both LEED-registered as part of Landco’s sustainability program, Leisure Tourism Estates — Club Laiya and CaSoBe (Calatagan South Beach) have the foundations and infrastructure to support new commercial endeavors, as well as remote work. The location of its gated communities — the Playa series — can support a long-term stay for families because it has everything they need to live comfortably within reach,” he elaborated. 

To close the night’s informative and insightful event, Landco gave away three gift vouchers for an overnight stay in the EDGE-certified CaSoBe in Batangas for the lucky Tao Kes.

For more information about Landco, visit https://www.landco.ph/ or FB page:  https://www.facebook.com/LandcoPacificCorporation.

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