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Mask Up With First Protect’s Locally-Made & FDA-Approved Face Masks

Wearing face masks both indoors and outdoors is not required by the Philippine government now, except in places like healthcare facilities, medical transport vehicles, and inside public transport vehicles. However, wearing face masks when you are outside has its own set of benefits way more just avoiding contracting COVID-19:

  • To prevent getting allergies and asthma

Getting an allergic reaction from dust mites, pollen, or mold spores happens more often than you think— according to research done by students from the Pamukkale University in Turkey, the use of face masks reduces allergic rhinitis (also called hay fever) symptoms for people who has pollen allergy. Getting a cough, runny nose, or fever when you are outside is a pretty common bug that can easily be prevented by wearing a mask outside.

  • To protect yourself from the harmful effects of air pollution

While there is a nationwide smoking ban in the country, other types of air pollution like smoke from factories and tailpipe emissions can still affect you— which, in the long run, may cause long-term health problems that can be avoided if you mask up.

  • To avoid catching the flu and/or other respiratory illnesses

It is expected that a lot of people get sick during colder months, which is why wearing a mask outside is highly recommended to avoid being infected by viruses that can cause flu or COVID. As the old saying goes, prevention is better than cure.

Now, how do you make sure to avoid getting any of these diseases when you are outside? Worry no more as First Protect is here to help us prevent getting respiratory diseases with their KF94 and KN95 masks that are locally made and FDA-approved!

First Protect’s KF94 mask has 4 layers, and they also made sure that the mask is breathable and sits comfortably on your face so that it can protect you from catching sickness while also being comfortable to wear for hours. The pouch that contains the masks is the resealable kind, which can also serve as a mask holder for when you need to remove your mask while eating or any other activity that requires you to remove your mask.

Photo Courtesy of First Protect’s Instagram

Next up, First Protect’s KN95 masks are medical grade and have 5 layers of protection, which is evident in how thick each mask feels. It has a tent-like shape that leaves space for your nose, which makes it easier for some people to breathe through. The KN95 pouch is also the resealable kind, and the shape of the pouch is a bit on the wider side compared to the KF94 pouch which is on the longer side horizontally. 

Now, is there any difference between the KF94 masks and the KN95 masks? There is, actually: KF94 masks are the masks usually used by South Koreans, while the KN95 are the ones that are usually used by the Chinese. Aside from this, KF94 masks have 4 layers of filters and a 94% filtration efficacy— which, as you can guess, KN95 masks have 5 layers of filters and a 95% filtration efficacy. However, KF94 masks are just as effective as the KN95 masks, so choosing between the two all depends on the fit of the mask that you prefer. 

Photos Courtesy of First Protect’s Instagram

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