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Media Practitioner Andrea Alandy Dy: On Following One’s Dreams and Going Beyond Borders

#IAmBeyondStories | Communication Arts student Andrea Alandy Dy initially never considered the arts as a potential career path in spite of having always been fond of it. Coming from a traditional Chinese family of successful businessmen, it was always expected of her to follow those footsteps, or if not, to become a doctor like her Angkong (grandpa). 

Thus, growing up, she convinced herself that she would end up as a businesswoman or a doctor, even if she knew deep down she was unsure if she really wanted those professions.

Embracing one’s interests

It was not until the summer of 2014 that Andrea realized and acknowledged that she wanted a career in the arts. Andrea was invited as a guest on a then-popular television show on ABS-CBN; she was fascinated by the entire production process, and despite her shy demeanor, she found that she actually loved being on camera! That was when she knew she wanted to pursue a career in broadcast media. 

To Andrea’s surprise, both of her parents were fully supportive of her decision and have been her biggest cheerleaders. With their guidance, she started forging her career in media and communications. All her choices, from her academic strand in senior high school to her undergraduate degree program in college to becoming a news reporter in her university’s official television network organization, were aligned in ensuring she would be prepared and well-equipped with the skills needed to (hopefully) enter the competitive media industry.

Choosing meaningful careers

Andrea has no regrets in pursuing the arts because the last few years have been the most fulfilling for her. As she is about to venture into the working world, Andrea hopes that her passion for media will stay ablaze so she may inspire her fellow Chinoys to take the leap to go beyond borders. For Andrea, “I am beyond following the footsteps of my business-oriented family as I create my own footprints in the media industry.”


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