Medical C-Dramas to Watch If You Love “Hospital Playlist”

Raise your hand up if you’re now watching the newest season of Hospital Playlist!

Currently making waves as one of the most popular Korean dramas this year is tvN’s Hospital Playlist 2, which continues the story of five middle-aged doctors who have been best friends since medical school. The heartwarming slice-of-life series is especially known for its feel-good vibes, amazing OST, and stellar cast. It also offers a refreshing look into the day-to-day lives of medical workers in Korea. 

Hospital Playlist is set to air its sixth episode this week. However, if you’re impatient like me, you might suddenly find yourself with a craving for more medical-themed content while waiting. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Why not give some of these C-dramas a shot?


1. Surgeons (外科风云)

Released in 2017, Surgeons is a Chinese melodrama that follows the story of two doctors whose lives have been touched by tragedy. Zhuang Shu, a successful cardiothoracic surgeon who established a career in the United States, returns to China to find answers to a 29-year-old malpractice case that resulted in his mother’s suicide. In the process, he meets Lu Chenxi, a fellow surgeon — the daughter of the patient who died in the malpractice case. 

Together, Zhuang Shu and Lu Chenxi investigate the mystery of their shared past. Along the way, they fall in love.

Main Cast: Jin Dong, Bai Baihe
Episode Count: 45
Genre: Medical, Romance, Melodrama, Action
Where to Watch: CN Drama (YouTube)


2. You Are My Hero (你是我的城池营垒)

You Are My Hero is a 2021 drama series adapted from Mu Qingyu’s novel of the same name. It details the story of rookie medical resident Mi Ka and special ops agent Xing Kelei. When Mi Ka lives out her dream of helping the people by volunteering to be a part of an emergency rescue training exercise held between the hospital and the police SWAT team, she unwittingly finds herself working in the midst of a calamity. 

In the aftermath of a deadly earthquake, Mi Ka is ordered to assist with the rescue operations alongside a team of military personnel which Xing Kelei is a part of. Despite their initial not-so-favorable impressions of each other, however, they are able to work together to save lives.

Main Cast: Bai Jingting, Ma Sichun
Episode Count: 40
Genre: Romance, Medical, Military, Crime
Where to Watch: WeTV, Croton Megahit (YouTube)


3. Medical Examiner Dr. Qin (法医秦明)

Those looking for a more crime-centered twist in the medical genre might just find their appetites sated with Medical Examiner Dr. Qin! Adapted from the novel The Eleventh Finger by Qin Ming, this 2016 mystery drama follows an investigative team consisting of eccentric forensic doctor Qin Ming, his assistant Li Dabao, and police officer Lin Tao as they solve a series of bizarre criminal cases.  

Recognized to be a pioneer of Chinese forensic dramas, Medical Examiner Dr. Qin is not only highly acclaimed for its intriguing portrayal of the forensic pathologist profession but also for its bold plots, tense storyline, and attractive cast. 

Main Cast: Zhang Ruoyun, Jiao Junyan, Li Xian
Episode Count: 20
Genre: Mystery, Crime, Drama, Medical
Where to Watch: Caravan (YouTube)


4. Living Toward the Sun (向阳而生)

Based on a real-life story, Living Toward the Sun is a 2020 drama series that focuses on the story of Xiong Dun, a young woman who travels to Beijing to fulfill her dreams to be a manhua artist. Unfortunately, despite her efforts, she is met with a triple set of misfortunes. Not only does her boyfriend cheat on her, but she also suffers a setback in her career. On top of it all, she receives a diagnosis that topples her life — she’s developed a malignant cancerous tumor. 

Xiong Dun refuses to accept her circumstances and finds the strength to bravely live her life to the fullest. Among her supporters is her doctor Li Zhiheng, who cheers her onward through it all. 

Main Cast: Jiang Xin, Gao Weiguang
Episode Count: 40
Genre: Romance, Medical, Drama
Where to Watch: Idol & Romance (YouTube), Mango TV


5. With You (在一起)

Set during the COVID-19 epidemic in Wuhan, With You chronicles the daily battles fought by Chinese frontliners. From the selfless delivery workers who have served the public and the construction workers who tirelessly built Huoshenshan Hospital to the medical volunteers and military doctors who moved forward at the risk of their own lives, the efforts of the ordinary people are made known to all. 

The anthology series tells a total of ten stories, with each story lasting two episodes. 

Main Cast: Zhang Jiayi, Zhou Yiwei, Tan Zhuo, Zhang Tian’ai, He Landou, Lei Jiayin, and more
Episode Count: 20
Genre: Drama, Medical
Where to Watch: Youhug Media (YouTube), China Zone (YouTube), SMG (YouTube)


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