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Meet: NBA’s famous ‘Neon Man’

The NBA finals season is once again upon us as the Golden State Warriors and Boston Celtics go head-to-head and vye for this year’s championship in game #6 on June 17. 

Whether you’re a long-time fan of the NBA or just getting started with watching the league, for sure it is on your bucket list to watch an NBA game live. To be featured in NBA replays is every basketball fan’s dream come true!

The same goes for the famous ‘Neon Man’ who has been spotted in a number of NBA replays and fancams because of his eye-catching neon shirt. This certain ‘Neon Man’ definitely used 100% of his brain as he said that he wears neon shirts specifically so that he would be easy to spot during NBA replays when the camera would pan over to the cheering fans.

Because of this stint, the ‘Neon Man’ has now gone viral on Tiktok with an account of more than a hundred thousand followers. His Tiktok videos mostly include his encounters with NBA stars such as passing the ball to Jalen Green and wishing Anthony Davis a speedy recovery after his injury. The big question that everyone asks though, is who is this famous ‘Neon Man’?

This NBA fan/icon is none other than Filipino-Chinese real estate professional, Marcus Chu.


Being a self-proclaimed superfan of the NBA, Chu makes sure to watch the NBA playoffs live every season. The team that he watches the most is the Los Angeles Lakers as this is where Russell Westbrook, his absolute favorite player, is housed.

Being the ultimate Westbrook fan, he also went to a live game once donning a complete Westbrook uniform from head to toe. Although he was not able to interact with his basketball idol, the official NBA Instagram account had a story of Westbrook and him behind, which is more than enough for Neon Man’s Westbrook fandom.

To see more of his memorable NBA experiences, follow Neon Man’s Tiktok account: @neonmaninaction 


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