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Meet the Chinoy groom of Kris Bernal

Back in 2017, netizens spotted a mystery guy who toured with Kris Bernal on her Iceland trip. Four years later, it was the same guy who walked down the aisle to marry Kris—meet Perry Vaughn Choi, a 37-year-old Chinoy businessman who caught Kris’ heart.

Just a few days before Kris officially tied the knot with longtime boyfriend Perry, the now Mrs. Choi took to Instagram how #PerryTaleNiKris began.

Back in 2016, Kris opened a burger joint business dubbed as “Meat Kris.” Since it was her first time delving into the business world, she was very hands-on and in charge of everything, and one of the things she was so busy about back then was finding suppliers for raw materials like milk, cheese, and burger patties, among other things. 

During her search, not only did she find the perfect supplier for Meat Kris. But, little did she know, it was in that supplier-hunt when she was going to meet the love of her life.

“I reached out to Perry’s family business, called ESV CORP. I set a meeting with them. Then Perry was there since he is the chef of their own company,” Kris shares. “He helped me put up a business which is far beyond just being my supplier. It felt like I found a business partner. Then, he also supported me by being there throughout my business journey. I opened three more stalls of the burger joint.”

In 2018, Kris had to close down the burger joint due to her acting duties, but she ended up opening a different restaurant venture with Perry as his business partner which is called House of Gogi, an unlimited K-BBQ meats and banchan restaurant, with two local branches.

According to Perry’s Instagram posts, he worked in Singapore as an assistant cook in 2007 until he became a restaurateur. Because of his love and dedication to cooking, Perry took several cooking classes in Japan to hone his skills. Aside from food and cooking, Perry is also passionate about collecting limited-edition pairs of shoes and Funko Pop collectibles. 

Perry guides Kris in the kitchen most of the time since he’s more knowledgeable in that department. In this vlog, the couple shares an easy no-bake recipe of chocolate peanut butter balls where it’s very apparent that the two complement each other very well. Kris, being the more outspoken and Perry, just by her side guiding her with the steps.

In their long-term relationship, Kris revealed on Instagram that Perry hasn’t given her money or luxury gifts but rather spoils her with little, simple things in life. “Couldn’t ask for anything better! I am happy, and I am more [content],” the actress wrote on her photo holding two Crash Landing On You-themed Funko Pop collectibles.

In the end, it’s very apparent that Kris is with the person she deserves to be with. She describes Perry, “Not all men will lie to you, cheat on you, and break your heart. Some, most even, certainly will. But not him. He refuses to treat me the same way every other assh*le in my life has treated me. He won’t lie to me. Because it’s his choice, a choice he’s already decided to make.”

“Who would’ve thought: that from a supplier — to becoming my business partner — and now my life partner,” Kris concludes in her nostalgic Instagram post.

Kris and Perry tied the knot at St. Alphonsus Mary De Liguori Parish last September 25, with a live streamed wedding ceremony on Kris’ YouTube channel. In case you missed it, you may watch the wedding ceremony here! 

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