Meet the ChinoyTV TikTok Ambassadors of 2021!

Chinoy TV official TikTok account: @chinoytv 

Last year in October, we introduced our first group of Chinoy TV TikTok ambassadors who brought Chinoy entertainment, education, fashion, and lifestyle to your For You Pages in 2020. 

This year, the Ambassadors are back, and stronger than ever with some familiar faces and some new ones! As members of Gen Z, they are committed to serving the latest trends and having a throwback to the classics once in a while. 

Without further ado, here are our Chinoy TV Tiktok ambassadors for the year 2021!



Nickname: Rhett
Age: 21
School: DLSU Manila
TikTok username: @rhettchiu

“Hi, I’m Rhett! If there’s one thing my family and friends know about me it has to be that I can’t keep quiet for a minute! I always have something to say or feel the need to crack a joke. In a way, I was able to use being a chatterbox as my talent as I’ve explored being an events host, a radio DJ, and now a TikTok-er. I like using my voice for my hobbies, speaking for others, and sharing knowledge with people.”


Why do you TikTok?
I used to only use TikTok for my viewing pleasure of watching random food videos at 2 AM, but a group of my friends and I decided to join TikTok as educators because not a lot of people have access to proper schooling given the pandemic. It might not be as best as proper education but it gives us a sense of accomplishment when we hear back from viewers that they learn from our content!

What’s your favorite recent trend?
Something I probably won’t ever get sick of watching might be videos of kids with their parents. It could be the moms and dads dancing with their child or even the child pranking their parents! I find these videos very heartwarming and it’s a nice way to spend “me” time after a school day.




Nickname/s: Mich, Mimi
Age: 21
School/s: De La Salle University – Manila (SHS and College)
TikTok username: @michelle_jeraldin
Instagram username: @michelle_domanog and @mi.imagine


“Hi everyone! I’m Michelle, a junior engineering student, who has a passion for the arts, from cooking, singing, dancing, drawing, and painting. I like to use my voice more for my hobbies and motivate others to explore their passions! So happy to be part of the ChinoyTV TikTok fam, and bridge the Filipino and Chinese culture! 🇵🇭🇨🇳


Why do you tiktok?

“I started using TikTok out of curiosity and boredom during the Covid quarantine last 2020. It’s really entertaining to watch others’ content, specifically food, music, and fashion. From there, I got inspired to use the platform to express more of myself for fun and share my knowledge. Since we’re stuck at home, creating content is what I enjoy, and hopefully, I get to inspire or at least entertain others, as much as I do as a TikTok user.”

What is your niche?
“My profile in TikTok looks like a “personal diary”, since it’s just a mix of my hobbies and interests. I’m an avid fan of food, music, artworks, and KPop dances, so that’s what my viewers usually see — a song cover, dance cover, a painting, or a recipe! Recently, I’ve been more into #foodie content, since cooking is close to my heart. ❤️”



Nickname: Eron
Age: 21
School: Ateneo de Manila University
Instagram/TikTok username: @eronangbao; @eronblue
YouTube channel: Eron’s Kpop Classroom and Eronblue (vlog channel)

“Hello! I’m Aaron, a graduating senior from Ateneo! I live a double life as a student by day and Kpop YouTuber by night. My passion in life is storytelling which I’m so happy I get to do through writing, performing, tabletop RPGs, and even making TikToks! People say I have a wild imagination and sense of wonder, which I hope to maintain by continuing to share stories. Read my short story ‘Ghost Appreciation Month’ out now on the Chinoy TV blog!”

Why do you TikTok?:
I first downloaded TikTok for the memes, trends, and ability to duet my favorite creators. But it became deeper than that! After a while, I was able to find such rich spaces on TikTok such as people sharing their philosophies about life, videos of life in another country, and perspectives different from my own. It’s definitely a window to the outside world, which is so refreshing because the Philippines is still in quarantine.

What is your niche?
While my account started as an outlet to maintain and improve my dancing, my most successful videos lately are about Chinoy life, and answering people’s questions about what it’s like to be Chinese-Filipino. I will continue doing both! I also love making kpop content!

Now let’s introduce the newest additions to the team. Happy debut!



Nickname: Stef
Age: 20
School: Ateneo De Manila University
Instagram/TikTok username: @stefanihazels
FB Page:

“안녕하세요! Hello everyone! I am Stefani Santos, your Kpop Chinoy from the Philippines. I love singing and dancing to the art of Kpop. I have two singles, “Paperboat” and “Ikaw At Ako” now out on Spotify and other music platforms. Come join our ChinoyTV family and let’s learn more about intercultural aspects in the daily life of a chinoy. Follow me on my IG/TikTok @stefanihazels and FB Page!


Why do you tiktok?
I do TikTok to share my talents and engage with the world during this difficult time of pandemic. I’d like to create a safe space and a community for people with different backgrounds to interact with each other. TikTok is here to connect us with each other and remind us we’re not alone.

What’s your niche?
My niche is combining Kpop, Korean Culture, and MLBB Gaming Culture!


Nickname: Lyra
Age: 17
School: Philippine Institute of Quezon City; Ateneo de Manila University
TikTok username: @lyerella, ig: @lyerellaa


“Hi! I’m Lyra. I’m an incoming freshman at Ateneo De Manila University. Outside of TikTok, I enjoy making art, crocheting, reading, and binge-watching TV shows.”



Why do you tiktok?
Tiktok is a place where I can take a break from working. Through short 15-60 second videos, TikTok not only brings me joy, but also connects me to a community that is relatable and allows me to learn a new thing or two.

Favorite recent trends:
I’ve really been loving the day in my life and cooking videos recently! It calms me watching these videos and motivates me to do something productive for the day.




Nickname: Angelica
Age: 20
School: Chiang Kai Shek College
TikTok username: @annxgeli
YouTube channel:

“My name is Angelica Michelle Yap, a 20 year old  Filipino-Chinese Content Creator. Currently taking up BSBA Management in Chiang Kai Shek College. I love making tiktok videos and entertaining people.”


Why do you tiktok?

Because I want to share my fashion sense and lifestyle!

What’s your niche?
I like making fashion and lifestyle videos.




Nickname: Gail
Age: 22
School: De La Salle College of St.Benilde (I graduated already though!)
TikTok username: @g.ozm


“Hi I’m a 22 y/o business analyst. My friends describe me as outgoing, thoughtful, and genuine. I usually spend my free time doing dance covers. This 2021, I wanna learn how to play golf!”


Why do you TikTok?
I do tiktok because it helps me escape from my daily worries. Also, I wanna show my talent in dancing

What is your niche?




Nickname/s: Shaniece, Mere, Chow
Age: 22
School/s: Saint Jude Catholic School, UST
TikTok username: @merehere
Instagram username: IG @shaniecemeredithe


“I’m a 22- year old UST student currently taking up BS physical therapy who loves to try out new things as I learn more about myself. Which eventually led me to start creating content on Tiktok and why I joined as one of the Tiktok ambassadors for ChinoyTV.”

Why do you tiktok
I do Tiktok to relieve my stress, to pass the time, and to showcase my creativity. 

What is your niche?
I mostly post content about fashion and style, such as how to style, what I’d wear, outfit inspirations, and more! 

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