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Mental Health Awareness Month: Easy Tips for De-Stressing the Mind

Oftentimes, we’re all so caught up with trying to make the most out of our lives that we forget how important it is to take that step back and unplug from the world every once in a while. 

In light of Mental Health Awareness Month, we’re here to remind you that indulging in even that seemingly tiny act of self-care can do wonders for your day-to-day living, especially now —  during a time filled with unprecedented challenges and stressors. Whether that be taking a breath of fresh air or expressing some creative spirit is entirely up to you. But if you need that extra push on starting that mental health detox, you can never go wrong with these five easy and simple tips:


1. Take a walk with nature

For the majority of us, a good portion of our days is spent being surrounded by the addictive conveniences of technology. However, this sometimes leads to an overload of information. Maybe you’re now thinking too much about that spreadsheet that you need to work on, or those messages that you have yet to respond to, or even that draining amount of memes from the last popular Netflix show that has decided to plague your timeline. 

Either way, an easy way to calm your mind and unplug from the world is to simply look away from the screen. Take a walk down your neighborhood street, nature park, or whatever open space you can find. Research shows that this is not only a great way for you to stretch out those stiff muscles but also a way for you to reduce anxiety and improve your focus. 



2. Express yourself with art

The problem with following a daily routine is that it can make life often feel monotonous. If you’re looking to introduce a spark of creativity to your day, art definitely hosts a plethora of ways for you to do so. 

From filling in that adult coloring book to creating a watercolor masterpiece, art is a wonderful way to distract yourself from stressful thoughts and let out your emotions. Cathartic and productive, the best thing about creating art is that, at the end of the day, you’ll be able to convert the day’s anxieties into something beautiful. 



3. Indulge in the delicious 

We don’t recommend binge-eating all the time, but a healthy appreciation of food has always been amazing for one’s mental health. In fact, isn’t food just another expression of art? Once again, cathartic, productive, and a treat for the senses. If you ever need some validation in how fun the culinary arts can be, just take a look at all the pandemic baking that everyone’s done the past two years! 



4. Discover new music

Plug in those earphones, belt out a tune, or pluck the strings of your guitar! Whether you’re creating or listening to it, music has always been therapeutic. After all, not only is it a way for you to express your emotions but also to inspire them. 

A slow ballad, for example, might be that perfect blanket of comfort for you on a rainy afternoon. Fast and upbeat songs, on the other hand, can fuel you with enough energy to power through the day. 



5. Get active and moving

Everyone knows that one of the best ways to relieve stress is exercise. By stretching out your muscles, you’re releasing tension, increasing your endorphin level, and molding out a fit bod —  it’s an all-win situation that you can’t possibly pass off! 

And if you ever forget, exercise isn’t just limited to what you can do at the gym. It’s also a way for you to bond with your friends and family. Play a game of basketball, badminton, or whatever game you’d like. Trust us when we say that doing something fun with the people you love can do wonders for your emotional wellbeing. 


At the end of it all, the most important thing to consider when de-stressing is allotting the time and space for it. In the long run, your mental health is easier to maintain when you manage to foster the right environment for doing so. 

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