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Merriment at the Medical Center: Bringing the Dragon to Cardinal Santos

A lion and dragon dance took everyone by surprise at the Cardinal Santos Medical Center (CSMC) in San Juan City last January 21, 2023. Not to be outdone by the festivities at neighboring Greenhills and the Chinese restaurants along Wilson Street, the Cardinal Santos Medical Center made sure to bring a feel of home to the hospital on the eve of the Lunar New Year. 

Professional dance performers began their show at the entrance thirty minutes after nine in the morning. Everyone who visited the hospital at that time was greeted with sounds of drums, cymbals, and dragon costumes. From the entrance, the performers waded through the hallways and buildings until they made their final stop at the Cardinal Santos Specialty Center.

The lion and dragon dancers visited the main offices of the different departments of the medical center. The spectacle was unique in that almost every office they visited contained a red envelope (hong bao) the performers had to collect by opening the mouths of their dragon costumes to “swallow” the envelopes. People who followed the dragons were made to feel that they were part of an exciting scavenger hunt. Those who stayed until the very end were also treated to snacks and refreshments.

According to Adrian Atanacio, CSMC’s Senior Marketing and Communications Officer, the lion and dragon dance was an initiative of the medical center to reach out to the Chinese-Filipino community and to celebrate their heritage. 


Situated at the center of San Juan City, Cardinal Santos is frequented by both the Chinese and Filipino communities residing in the area. The lion and dragon dance performance gave all the visitors, patients, and medical workers of CSMC a taste of the Lunar New Year spirit even as many were away from home. It was also a timely reminder to make health a priority in the Year of the Water Rabbit. 

Atanacio also reiterated CSMC’s commitment to serving the medical needs of all their clients. The weekend performance was also a lively precursor to CSMC’s new “Outpatient Diagnostic Promo” that will be available to everyone on Sundays and holidays. Those who seek laboratory services and medical assistance related to cardiovascular health and radiology may avail of a 30% discount on the said days. As of writing, the promo applies until further notice.

Cardinal Santos Medical Center’s lion and dragon dance performance truly showed that no one is too far from home to celebrate the Lunar New Year. As everyone looks forward to a prosperous year, the best can only come when one’s health is in the right state, and the Cardinal Santos Medical Center is more than ready to help you stay healthy and happy in 2023.

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