Milk tea with a twist: Would you try these flavors?

Milk tea is one of the most versatile beverages available, and it’s no secret that many people in the country are crazy about this delicious, creamy drink. Whether you prefer no sugar or add the whole serving, lessen or increase the amount of ice, and include delicious add-ons or drink it plain, milk tea can be customized to suit anyone’s preferences.

According to Frotea’s founder Ana Lustre-Malijan, the customers’ desire for fun and unique drinks spurs them to innovate their menu constantly. And they do this by developing new flavors based on familiar Filipino flavors. 

“We make sure that our team is always on the lookout for new and trendy flavors that highlight our Filipino roots,” Ana explains. 

To address the ever-evolving demand from consumers, Frotea introduces new flavors dubbed as the “Pinoy Espesyal series.” 

This newest milk tea line consists of Mais con Yelo Milk Tea, Halo Halo Milk Tea, and Ube Macapuno Milk Tea. Each drink contains a delicious blend of flavors familiar to most Filipinos and complemented by the refreshing kick of milk tea inspired by its origins in Taiwan. 

Mais con Yelo Milk Tea (P90 – P120)

Inspired by a Filipino classic dessert Mais con Yelo, this flavor features corn flakes, creme brulee, signature Frotea milk tea and of course, sweet corn. 

Halo-halo Milk Tea (P90 – P120)

Another Filipino classic, the Halo-halo milk tea consists of cheesecake, corn flakes, leche flan, nata, signature Frotea milk tea, ube, sweet corn and pearls. It’s really a halo-halo goodness in just one cup!

Ube Macapuno Milk Tea (P90 – P120)

Last but not the least, the Ube Macapuno Milk Tea features a generous serving of Ube ice cream, macapuno and signature Frotea milk tea. 

“One of our goals with the Pinoy Espesyal series is to reintroduce classic Filipino desserts to the younger generation,” Ana explains. “One of the questions that went through our minds when developing this collection was how we could get my 5-year-old to enjoy a particular classic Filipino dessert—Mais con yelo. We realized that incorporating the flavor in milk tea would intrigue kids, so we decided to create these drinks.” 

Ana sees the Pinoy Espesyal series as an opportunity for Frotea to share milk tea to a broader demographic.

While there are still customers who remain loyal to classic milk tea flavors, recent trends in the industry indicate that a segment of milk tea drinkers are more adventurous in the beverages they order. 

“Given the highly competitive nature of the milk tea industry, our goal has always been to ensure that we offer something that stands out from the rest, and the Pinoy Espesyal series highlights that,” Ana says proudly.

Frotea was founded in 2012 in Puerto Princesa, Palawan, and has gained popularity in recent years as it expanded to major cities in Metro Manila. It now has 22 branches nationwide in Luzon and Visayas. 

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