LOOK: Minimalist bento cakes that are too lovely to eat

No matter how old you get, admit it, you will always want to have a cake on your birthday or in any celebration of significant events in your life. But we’re out with the old layered cakes and in with the new clean and aesthetically pleasing design of minimalist cakes!

“Modest in style but big in taste” is how Eve & Dough owner Danielle Liu describes her cakes. The business started in June when she sold uniquely-flavored cookies to be able to do something during the quarantine. 

The self-taught baker said she chose to sell bento cakes as her main product because it’s a trendy dessert that originated in South Korea and since people are not allowed to gather yet, small cakes are the way to feel festive even when at home. She shares that most of the orders are gifts to loved ones as well, to celebrate together even when they are physically apart.

Eve & Dough has 4 inches round moist chocolate bento cakes that you can get for P300. 

If you want a rectangular cake, they also offer mini Korean cakes in trays that are 5.5 by 4.5 inches big for P200.

They also have floral cakes in 6-inch tin cans. It’s a literally sweeter way of saying ‘I love you.

“Baking is a really tough science,” Danielle said. Truly, a lot of factors come into play, and one little thing can ruin a whole cake. But she continued to try and test until she got the perfect recipe. She also had a difficulty in transporting the cakes but she later figured out ways to deliver the bento cakes as safely as possible, making sure that its design is full and intact all the time.

“One big tip for aspiring tao kes is to just do what you are really interested in. Plan it out well and just post on Facebook! Do it!”

See more of Eve & Dough’s cakes here!

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