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MMCP Episode 1 Recap: The candidates show off their thematic video campaigns

Have you heard the news? CHiNOY TV’s Chinese by Blood, Filipino by Heart is back on its third season! Diverging from its previous route of showcasing notable Chinoy personalities across the fields of business, entertainment, and more, the returning documentary series offers a new glimpse of the Chinese-Filipino community by diving into the glittery world of pageantry and covering the 2022 edition of Mr. and Ms. Chinatown Philippines (MMCP). 

This year, MMCP celebrates the rise of #Gen新, a new generation of Chinoy youth whose modern experiences have allowed them to adapt to the changing times while still maintaining their traditions and values. 

Hosted by Ms. Chinatown Philippines 2014 and Binibining Pilipinas Grand International 2016 titleholder Nicole Cordoves, the series’ premiere episode introduces the #Gen新 candidates as they work together to overcome the competition’s first challenge: a group video campaign! In this segment, the candidates were divided into different groups and assigned a theme to stage a short video campaign with. Using only their phones, they were given one hour to complete the task.  

Check out the episode’s best moments here: 


Group 1: Chingkits (Marriage Traditions)

Members: Adrian Cotoco, Kevin Lao, Trumaine Tia (group leader), Christine Ong

Group Chingkits made a hilarious TikTok comparing the traditional and modern approaches of Chinoy courtship. At the end of the day, of course, it’s best to embrace the best of both worlds.

“Basically, we wanted to raise awareness on how the modern and traditional views on marriage in the Chinoy community are,” explained group leader Trumaine. “You know the Great Wall? Everyone knows that,” she cheekily joked. 


Group 2: Unli-Rice (Educational Success)

Members: Vince Aseron, Alvin Lim, Lorraine Wong (group leader), Berjayneth Chee, Dane Sy

“You should study first” isn’t every Chinoy parent’s response to new career opportunities. Group Unli-Rice used their own TikTok video to show that Chinoy moms (and dads) can totally be supportive of your chosen career path as a DJ or content creator. 

Explaining the idea for the group’s content, Lorraine shared, “We planned to do a series of mini skits, wherein we [can] show how to break the stigma. In general, people would think that Chinese parents are very strict in terms of how we choose our careers, but we want to show that, nowadays, parents are more accepting.”   


Group 3: Trailblazers (Filial Piety)

Members: Miguel Lim (group leader), Khurt Go, Darwyn Mendoza, Mercedes Pair, Karina Ching

In an ambush-style interview, each member of the Trailblazers group contributed their own take to what filial piety is and isn’t. 

“The way we want to tackle [the campaign] is to showcase how we practice filial piety, and it’s not so much an archaic traditional thing,” said Miguel. 


Group 4: Yin & Yang (Gender Roles)

Members: Nicole Lao, Jersey Kwan, Adrian See (group leader), Zedric Gan, Lovely Lim

Yin & Yang’s creative approach to their video campaign is a fun comparison of the dynamics of a Chinoy family with working mothers and working fathers as heads of the household. 

Adrian explained, “We want to emphasize that even if the girl is the breadwinner of the family, they can still be happy and not have family problems.” 

Want to see the MMCP candidates take on the next challenge? Catch the next episode of Chinese by Blood, Filipino by Heart on Sunday at 8 PM, airing on CNN Philippines. 


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