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Modern Tao Ke: 6 Tips for “Parentrepreneurs”

A family that does business together stays together. This rings true for Evelyn Co, the founder of two restaurants, House of Mantou Restaurant and Yenyen Kitchen Wonders, and a doting mother of two children that have joined and continue to work in the business with her.

“Nine years ago, we started our Asian fusion restaurant in Quezon City,” Co shared. “Our son Hervyn [was] our first photo ads on resto billboard and because he is a food lover and also a traveler, this experience makes him an epicure. His taste in food is very efficient, and he approved our products in store together with my daughter Helaena. They help out finalize and approve before putting the food on our menu. Our family also loves to cook, especially my father when he was alive.”

Co felt fulfilled when she extended and shared the opportunity to manage the business with her two children. And luckily, her kids enthusiastically agreed and eventually had a wonderful time bonding with their mother and being productive as they grew professionally every day.

Despite the pandemic and the setbacks it has brought them, both of the businesses of the Co family thrived and flourished, and according to Co, all it took was constant productivity, resourcefulness, contributing ideas, and working and learning as a family.

Parents who are also entrepreneurs on the side can excel in both aspects of their lives, and it’s even more fulfilling to share that with their children. Co shares some tips for these “parentrepreneurs” that aim to be  inspirational role models in their children’s lives:


1. Remind your kids to stay determined.

Given that Co’s children are school athletes, they are always “game” for anything.

“Starting a business is not easy,” Co noted. “[Thus], we need the determination to get results. I told my kids to be patient because things will eventually fall into place. Just do your best.”


2. Comfort your kids when they fail.

Kids committing mistakes is inevitable, so parents should be there for their children and remind them that it’s okay and that there’s always something to learn even from failures.

“Remind your children that every day is a learning process,” Co said. “It’s normal for them to get upset, but you have to remind that that it makes them stronger. Let them learn. Mistakes and failures also give you more possibilities and make you smarter.”


3. Start teaching your kids at a young age.

Co is very thankful that she is able to bond with her children during the pandemic in a fruitful way, extending her guidance and learnings.

“Every day is a learning process for your children,” Co said. “Life brings them a lot of new possibilities to learn from, along with new ideas. They will learn new techniques and eventually grow in the process — in my case, with the business. So, start them young!”


4. Your kids will eventually shine.

Considering how Co was able to encourage her kids to join her businesses with her, she still gave them the freedom to choose their own paths.

“There is a saying that there is a right time for you to shine,” Co shared. “Remind your kids to keep on doing what they have to do, what they love, and [do] their best, and they will eventually find their path. You just have to be patient.”


5. Help your kids learn the true meaning of fulfillment.

Kids should remember their own purpose, and it’s essential that it be about something more than money.

“As we manage the business, I remind my kids that it’s not just all for the money,” Co shared. “It’s customers’ satisfaction, helping people by giving them jobs, and like in sports, it’s like self-accomplishments.”


6. Support your team.

In any company, employees must be valued and treated like members of the family, if not the team.

“It’s about how you take care of your employees, including your children,” Co shared. “You treat them as your teammates.”


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