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Modern Tao Ke: 6 Tips For Young Entrepreneurs

Doing business can contribute to your personal growth if you choose to learn from it. This is true for Ella Ho, the young founder and owner of the baking business, Rosita’s.

As one of the students whose ended school early due to the coronavirus, Ho was getting bored as the community quarantine slowly consumed her. But when her mother encouraged her to make use of her time by being productive, Ho decided to busy herself by baking every day.

Eventually, she thought of taking the opportunity to sell her baked goods so that she could earn. She did the business financials and she eventually got the chance to start selling her baked goods at a store near her house.

“My mission is to produce a lot of things that people genuinely like and things which have popular market demands, so that my business can become successful, and I can use the money I earn to help others in return,” Ho expressed, sharing her business philosophy.

Here are some advice from the entrepreneur:

1. Stop focusing on your competitors and start focusing on yourself.

Ho noticed the more she focused on other people, the more she wouldn’t focus on herself. “I was sucked into a whirlpool of comparing myself [with] others, which led me to become unsatisfied with who I had become. I soon realized that it was better to focus on improving myself rather than comparing myself to others so that I can grow as a person,” she said.


2. Remember that other people’s failures do not define your success and vice versa.

Just when she was new to her business, Ho noticed that there were some business owners who like to bring their competitors down, believing that in the event that their competitors would fail, it would lead to their own success. Seeing this done by other entrepreneurs, Ho knew that it was wrong and selfish.

I have learned that success does not come from the failure of other people, but it comes solely from yourself and how you handle the situation before you,” Ho said.


3. You control the future of your own business.

“I know that I create my own destiny and I control my own future,” Ho asserted. “It is up to me whether or not I want to challenge myself to leave a legacy behind. I can do anything that I push myself to do because the only thing that limits me is myself and the standard I hold myself up to.”


4. Stop doubting yourself and start believing in yourself.

Ho shared that she has gained nothing from doubting herself. Doubting yourself is a waste of time, energy and opportunities. Rather, she said, “I gain something from believing in myself. I stopped thinking about the things I could not do and started thinking about the things I could do because I know I can do anything I desire to do.”


5. Focus on the present instead of the past.

“I now focus on creating a better future for myself instead of scrutinizing my past,” said Ho. 

“I used to focus a lot on the past instead of the present,” she shared. “But I soon realized that if you keep focusing on the past, you will be stuck in a place that most people have already left behind.”


6. Remember to thank the people that have helped you achieve your success.

As much as Ho is proud of her success in her business, she knew that it was important to thank the people who have lifted her up. “There are a lot of people who have helped me in my entrepreneurial journey,” Ho shared. “So I often remember that success is not only attained by myself solely but also because of other people who have pushed me towards my goal. I always remember to show my gratitude towards them because I know I couldn’t have done it alone.”

For delicious baked goods, check out Ella Ho’s Rosita’s on Facebook and Instagram.


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