Modern Tao Ke Podcast is here to help you with your business journey

Oftentimes, the Holiday season is when people are torn between getting the most out of what’s left for the year and head-starting their business plans for the year ahead. But, either way, December is the best time to get inspirational and educational content that will surely be useful for business people and entrepreneurs alike. 

This is why CHiNOY TV and Globe Business presents three programs focusing on social enterprises or MSMEs that support local communities. Not just that, this partnership also aims to sell products made from sustainability practices through the Gift Local campaign. 

One of the first programs is the Modern Tao Ke Podcast—a 4-episode series by CHiNOY TV Podcast and Globe Business. Launching this December, the show focuses on the four pillars of opportunity such as the opportunity to expand knowledge, get more resources, embrace digitalization, and lastly, to help the community.

The Modern Tao Ke Podcast aims to show that these four pillars of opportunity are meant to inspire and encourage business owners and consumers alike. Featuring fellow business owners or Tao Kes where they share stories of digitalization and create social impact in the community, here are the following Tao Kes you can look forward to:

Justin Gokongwei Pe

We begin with Justin Gokongwei Pe—Confectionary Senior Sceintist of URC—who will be discussing the opportunity to expand knowledge. In addition, Justin will talk about how to market your business outside of traditional sales and marketing.

Miguel Tan

Next is Miguel Tan, the 25-year-old CEO of FASCLAD, who will be tackling the opportunity to get more resources by talking about leveraging on the network, connection, and operationalizing your business through payment options and or payroll.

Martin Cu

Third is Martin Cu—CEO of Ninja Van—who will be discussing the opportunity to go digital or embrace digitalization. Martin will give insights on how to shift and expand your business to the e-commerce platform.

Melissa Yeung Yap

Lastly, Greenstone Pharmaceutical (Katinko) CEO Melissa Yeung Yap will share her wisdom on the opportunity to help communities and how to kickstart your business and enable business ideas.

The first two Modern Tao Ke Podcast episodes featuring Justin Gokongwei Pe and Miguel Tan will be available on Spotify on December 8 while the next two episodes with Martin Cu and Melissa Yeung Yap will be released on December 15. 

What episode are you looking forward to on the Modern Tao Ke Podcast? Let us know in the comments below! 


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