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Modern Tao Ke: Tips for Business and Personal Growth

Life is what you make of it, and this has never been more true than amid the pandemic. For Michelle Lim, managing her family business has helped her grow, leading her to become a better version of herself. 

Do Bakery is a pastry business that offers custom cakes, cupcakes, and other baked goods. It ensures the quality of its products, paying great attention to detail and the customers’ preferences  so that the clients are happy and satisfied. 

“I dedicate my best to making these cakes,” shared Lim. “I consider them as my work of art. I used to make graphite drawings since I was little and I think that art has been a part of my life. Art is my passion. I would have taken a college course for culinary or architecture but having traditional parents, I had to take the business. [This] became useful for me today, I have a small business for doing the things I love and also helping out in our family business.”

Lim shares her tips on how to start a business with your passion and grow alongside your business.

1. Nurture your creativity.

As someone who loves to create art, Lim knew that utilizing her talents could help her business, even if it’s not her first career choice. Entrepreneurs just need to be able to know how to use their talents and creativity to make their businesses work.

“I always thought to myself that passion will not be enough to sustain my business,” she shared. “There’s always a need for new ideas and new perspectives to keep the business going. I think it is important for passionate entrepreneurs to hone and build a combination [of] their skills.”


2. Let your fear empower you, not hinder you.

Lim has learned that fear won’t get you anywhere. Thus, entrepreneurs should learn to overcome their fear and doubts.

“Before I started, I always think about ‘what if’s’ and realized, ‘Hey, I’m getting nowhere thinking about the future that I haven’t even started,’” Lim stated.

“Stepping out of one’s comfort zone is scary. In business, [the] risk is present and growth is inevitable. But there is something to learn and achieve every day. Encourage yourself more — you’ll be looking back one day with pride and say you’re glad you started!”


3. Invest your time to know your clients.

For a business that includes getting to know their clients’ requests and interests, Lim sought to bake products that would make the clients’ occasions even more special and memorable with cakes that represent them.

“Have a little chit-chat with your customers. It goes a long way!” she said enthusiastically. “When it comes to making their cakes, it’s like you’re recreating a memory of them or a new one!”

“Also, don’t be afraid to ask for feedback or review. This way your clients will know that you value them and you can make room for improvement.”



4. Work with passionate people.

You know what they say: You become what you attract. It’s important to be in the presence of people who are as goal-oriented and optimistic as you since it inspires you to be better. 

“Surround yourself with like-minded people and entrepreneurs who share the same passion, drive, and vision. This is important,” Lim said. “They will motivate and challenge you at the same time!”


5. Your mind is a magnet.

“I do believe in the law of attraction — that you attract what you think about frequently,” she said. “This one works for me in many ways! Not only in business but life in general. You have to know what you truly want and visualize success. This will help young entrepreneurs to successfully navigate their business challenges and opportunities in the long run.”


6. Make time for yourself.

At work, self-love is important. In order to keep the business afloat and creative juices flowing, an entrepreneur must take short breaks and find some time to recollect themselves. 

“I remember a quote saying that ‘you cannot pour from an empty cup.’ Even having a small business is a big commitment,” Lim said. “You pour your time and love in what you passionately do. We are still humans, after all. We get tired and sometimes too much work can drain us. Give time for yourself so you can do and give more. Have a day all for yourself or spend it with family because to take care of business means to take care of yourself, too.”


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