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Modern Tao Ke Tips: Starting A Business

You’re an aspiring entrepreneur. You’ve got your idea, some capital, and the equipment you need. Now, where do you begin? These Chinoy Modern Tao Kes share advice on how they kickstarted their own businesses!

Dennisse Yu, Suits MNL

Know the reason behind your brand. You need to have a “purpose” for your brand, otherwise, it wouldn’t be genuine. In my case, my purpose is to empower women. I always make sure to circle back to that “purpose” so that I don’t forget why I started my business in the first place.

Therese Heather Ong, Soru Izakaya / Geonbae Modern Korean Bar & Grill

You have to research your idea and concept. Check if you have the market for what you want to sell. Study possible competitions and make sure that your product is good and sellable.

Dustin Ng, Scrub Daddy Philippines

Look for any opportunities along your journey. Opening any sort of business has a risk in itself, and you don’t necessarily need to have expertise in the business you are doing. Try different things, even things that you aren’t familiar with. Your passion and drive to succeed will help you learn many things within that opportunity.

Charmaine Sy, Memento Jewellers

Venturing into a business is difficult but doesn’t mean it is impossible. An aspiring Tao Ke should address the excuses and fears of failing. Worrying is normal, but overcoming it is a major step – just one of the many decisions to make. Listen to experts’ advice and educate yourself, leverage your resources and get comfortable with the unknown. 


Alexandra Natividad, CelebrityGreetings.PH

Pursue something you’re passionate about, so it won’t feel like work all the time. 

Patrick & Michelle Lao, Bake Fresh HK

In a sea of change, adaptability is key. While COVID-19 has overturned incumbent business models, it has revealed what is most important: entrepreneurs who are nimble, who are adaptable, and who survive and find a way.

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