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Modern Tao Ke: When Advocacy Meets Business

In the hopes of making the world a better and healthier place to live in for future generations, these entrepreneurs have incorporated their chosen advocacy into their business. In light of the pandemic, they offer some great options for overall healthy and safe living for consumers.

Here are the inspiring stories of these female entrepreneurs :

Cherry and Kate Uy of Blue Block 

A mother and daughter tandem, Cherry and Kate Uy, is behind the business, Blue Block, which produces digital glasses for kids.

“Each day, mothers like me are facing the same concerns about our children: Are they having too much screen time? Will it damage their eyes? Can’t we do something about it?” said Cherry Uy, a mother of two.

Since the lockdown, many kids are using their gadgets even more, what with online learning, supplemental lessons, and watching tutorials. Because of this, Cherry wanted to create a business that will provide a solution  and leave a positive effect on her kids’ well-being, as well as other kids. 

Thus, Blue Block was born. Blue Block’s digital glasses are designed with built-in blue light filter coatings that shield 100% of gadget’s harmful effects that cause digital eye strain. Their glasses are comfortable enough that the child will forget they even have them on. 

Not only did Cherry handle the business herself, but she gave her 6-year-old daughter the opportunity to explore the business with her. 

“I love how managing this business from home also means that my daughter and I get to share the same passion and how I can impart lifelong learnings to her at the same time,” Cherry shared. 

Kate turned out to be a very promising “kidpreneur,” taking an interest in choosing the right designs, sharing suggestions during product shoots,  modelling the products, and helping her mother prepare and pack orders every day after her online classes.

Cherry added, “危機 (Crisis) is composed of two characters, one character  means ‘danger’ and the other character represents ‘an opportunity.’ When the going gets tough, the tough gets going! Do not cower down, try [to] see the problem in a different perspective, and you will find where you can flourish.” 

For more information, check out their Instagram and Facebook.


Kidd Tan Dee of Milk Easy and Booboo Proof Play

Kidd Tan Dee is the owner of not one, but two, businesses: Milk Easy and Booboo Proof Play. 

Milk Easy provides essentials and equipment to make the breastfeeding and pumping journey more comfortable and easy for the mother as she nourishes her child in the early stages. At the same time, she created Booboo Proof Play to provide safe and visually appealing toys for children so they can develop their motor skills and  avoid injury while playing. 

Despite the business hardships brought out by the pandemic, both Milk Easy and Booboo Proof Play received a lot of customers inquiries and purchases.

“Because mommies still need to breastfeed, our Milk Easy products felt like it was pandemic-proof. Similarly, Booboo Proof Play was just excellent timing as more mommies were forced to stay home during lockdown and focused more on their kids,” shared Dee. “That’s why we added more products that target the motor skills of the kids like wooden play gym and kids gym equipment that are crucial for kids’ growth in this new normal when lockdowns happen and kids are withheld the chance to grow mentally and physically.”

She advised, “Every crisis is an opportunity. Think of something that could work and help people.”

Furthermore, Dee and her business partners also have plans of expanding to the international market.

For more information on Milk Easy, check out their Website and Instagram and Facebook.

For more information on Booboo Proof Play, check out their Website and Instagram and Facebook.


Jo-Anne Wong of Merry Masks PH

Jo-Anne Wong was working for her family business and the events industry when the pandemic hit last March. As both of her businesses faced challenges due to the public health crisis, she came up with an idea worth pursuing as the world is in the process of healing itself.

Wong started producing and selling quirky, stylish, and personalized masks to encourage safety and promote environmental friendly products at the same time. She thought of having them personalized so that people wouldn’t get them mixed up with those of their family members. Cloth masks are also eco-friendly since disposable masks would create much more waste.

“During the research and development process, our biggest struggle was [the] lack of available sewers that time due to ECQ,” Wong shared. “Most of our sewers went home so we had to do the layouts, pattern making and sewing of masks by ourselves. Luckily, we have a background already since we supplied giveaways (bags, pillows, etc.) pre-COVID. With our knowledge and strength, we were able to quickly adapt to the current needs of our market.”

Wong felt thankful for her other work background and experience that now helps sustain and benefits her present business. And because of this, she was able to expand and create more products. 

She suggests, “Instead of doing a cookie-cutter approach in developing your products, offer something different from what your competitors offer. In our case, aside from personalized reversible masks, we offer matching eye masks, turbans and even bags and pouches! We can customize what you want. We share your visions and we will make them especially for you.”

For more information, check out their Instagram and Facebook.

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