Mr. and Ms. Chinatown

Mr and Ms Chinatown 2022 Candidates’ Grand Feast at Good Luck Hotpot

On the night before Coronation Night, our candidates had to unwind and celebrate at the precipice of this year’s thrilling finale of Mr. and Ms. Chinatown. The candidates, along with Mr. and Ms. Chinatown producer Fil-Chi Media Productions (Chinoy TV), dined at Good Luck Hotpot located in Pasay City. Prior to dining, ChinoyTV’s COO, Lorraine Tan, and Chairman of Manila Chinatown Development Council, Willord Chua, gave an opening speech.

The candidates had an extravagant traditional Chinese feast in the popular imperial-adorned restaurant while they were entertained by world-class Chinese folk theatrical performances with enchanting light and sound production. 

The ancient dramatic Sichuan opera, Bian lian, was performed during their full-course dinner; the performer even stepped off stage to interact with our candidates! 

Good Luck Hotpot is an official food partner of Mr. and Ms. Chinatown. The CEO of Good Luck Hotpot 红运火锅, Mr. Walle Wang, dined with the candidates and got to know every one of them in a mini-program held on stage. One by one, the candidates said their introduction spiels on stage. 

At the end of the hotpot, the title of Mr. and Ms. Good Luck Hotpot was announced. Mr. Adrian See and Ms. Lovely Lim were crowned this year’s Mr. and Ms. Good Luck Hotpot. As inheritors of this title, they received Php 30,000 worth of gift certificates from Good Luck Hotpot. They’re sure to have another grand feast at Good Luck Hotpot in the future!

To cap off the night, the whole entourage took a final group picture on the stage. As you could imagine, lots of excitement and overwhelming emotions were soaring that night in anticipation of Mr. and Ms. Chinatown 2022 Coronation Night!

Dine like emperors and empresses at Good Luck Hotpot, located in Nexgen Tower, Edsa Ext., Barangay 076, Pasay City.

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