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Musician Sherisse Sy: On Entering the Music Industry and Going Beyond Borders

#IamBeyondStories | “It’s always been a stereotype that Chinoys are smart and usually end up as lawyers, doctors, and the like, but Chinoys can also be creative and end up as artists, musicians, and actors too.” Take these words from Fil-Chi musician Sherisse Sy who bravely went beyond borders in pursuit of her passion and embracing who she truly is.

Sherisse is a performer and a musical artist. She puts out her own music on major streaming platforms. You can find her songs like her latest single, Walkthrough, on Spotify. She is also a former member of the alternative pop band Pugfish, which has their music available on major streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and Youtube, as well. Did we mention that she is also a proud gamer and even streams some of her matches online? You can check her streams out on

Life has not always been easy for Sherisse though. During her first year in college she first got a taste of independence, which had been tricky for her to manage financially. Nevertheless, Sherisse believes it did her more good than bad because it kept her grounded, allowed her new experiences and most of all, let her have a better understanding of who she is and what she truly wants to achieve.

It was not long before she realized that she had an inclination for the arts, specifically making music. For Sherisse, pursuing the field of music was her way of going beyond the traditional Chinoy norms and culture. “It’s not usually seen as a viable career option. There’s been too many instances when Chinoys are advised against going for a career in the arts, but I would love to prove them wrong,” shared Sherisse.

In terms of going beyond the traditional Chinoy culture, Sherisse acknowledges the deep and rich culture of the Filipino-Chinese. Still, she believes that there is still a long way to go in determining which of these customs are worth keeping and which of these should be surrendered to time as we should also embrace our modern era today. “Going beyond borders, especially in stigmas and stereotypes like these will surely make a positive impact to the Chinoy community and Philippine society as a whole,” she said.

By pursuing her dreams of being a musician, Sherisse hopes to make an impact on the Chinoy community by breaking stigmas and stereotypes that inhibit the growth and potential of Chinoys. She also shares some of the challenges that young Chinoys face, especially in the household. “There are Chinoy households that suffer from intergenerational trauma, and this can be seen in the interactions some families have with the youth -with some relatives being unsupportive, and at times, too demanding. It doesn’t hurt to show emotional support and warmth as this will allow Chinoys to start viewing the family as a safe and encouraging space instead of a space that they might end up resenting,” she shared. 

Overall, Sherisse believes that the Fil-Chi’s are also people with their own wants, aspirations, and goals too, and that everyone deserves a shot to be supported in what they want to do in life.

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