Here’s a list of unique sushi bake trays you must try

You probably encountered numerous posts of trays filled with rice topped with cheesy goodness that are either torched or baked. Sushi bake is officially the quarantine food that has been taking over our social media feeds. 

It’s still a mystery where or who pioneered its concept but it is safe to say that it can pass as the baby of sushi rolls and casserole. And with the time we had while under lockdown, many people started making their own versions of this food trend.

In line with CHiNOY TV’s project in partnership with Fil-Chi Ho Tsia Ho Dim to support local micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs), here’s a list of recommended sushi bake places to try.


Salmon Miso from Spoonful Manila

Salmon and miso are good together in sinigang so there’s no doubt that you’ll love this unconventional sushi bake. Owner Daphne Siy shares, she and her sister have been curating flavors since the start of the quarantine this year. Spoonful Manila is a hobby-turned-business and while they are not professional cooks, they surely have a good set of taste buds for making kitchen experiments such as the Salmon miso sushi trays [P600 for solo (1-2 pax) | P950 for share (4-6 pax)].

Spoonfull Manila’s Salmon Miso Sushi Bake

The dish has a generous amount of salmon pieces that go with the special miso-based sauce. In one bite, you’ll get a hodgepodge of flavors: a bit of sweetness, but with savory and mild saltiness, plus the umami from the miso. On top of the creamy layer are chopped green onions and crispy salmon skin.

Check out Spoonfull Manila’s page here


Cereal Shrimp with Salted Egg Aburi from Quisine

Quisine is a home-based online business that also started this quarantine period. Pierce Ongchan, owner of Quisine, thought of coming up with his own brand that can keep up with the demand for good quality food which was obstructed by the pandemic. And so he made his own twist of the food trend sushi bake and created his cereal shrimp with salted egg aburi [P1,100 for regular size (8.5 “x 6”) | P1,680 for sharing size (10” x 7.5”)]

Quisine’s Cereal Shrimp with Salted Egg Aburi

It’s a fusion of tastes from seared kani sushi and another recent food trend, salted egg flavor. The tray is topped with kani meat, native salted egg, shrimp, curry leaves, and special sauce. To give a variety of texture, he paired the creamy and seafood meaty topping with crunchy crushed cereals and tobiko eggs.

Learn more about Quisine’s menu here


Cheesy Pork Samgyup Bake from Malinao Kitchen

Yes, you’ve read it right. Malinao Kitchen offers two cuisines in one dish (or tray). Malinao Kitchen is a four-month-old online food place that was supposed to be a means to provide day-to-day food for owner Sydney Malinao. But after it became popular with both Korean and Japanese cuisine enthusiasts, she now has two hubs, one in Makati and another in Manila. Malinao Kitchen usually bakes on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays but they respond to the online orders daily.

Malinao Kitchen’s Cheesy Pork Samgyup Bake

Unlike other sushi bake trays that have Japanese white rice, Malinao Kitchen’s cheesy pork samgyup bake [P400 for small size (8” x 4”) | P1,300 for large size (12” x 9”)] uses kimchi rice that is topped with generous amounts of pork samgyeopsal slices, a mix of cheese and spicy sauce, and sprinkled with nori flakes, and sesame seeds.

See more of Malinao Kitchen’s baked sushi trays here!


Cheesy Kani Bake Sushi from Rice In The City

If you’re a cheese fan, you will totally approve of this kani sushi bake, that’s for sure! Khaira Ang, owner and a certified cheese lover, started the business with her sister to share their love for Korean food. Khaira shares that their parents have been very supportive of their passion project. Since day one, they have been receiving a lot of orders.

Rice In The City’s Cheesy Kani Bake Sushi

Rice In The City’s cheesy kani bake sushi has two oozing layers of cheese with creamy sauce and a lot of kani meat filling. But the cheese madness doesn’t end there. The pan is topped with a layer of mozzarella cheese, mango bits, and tobiko eggs. If that isn’t enough cheese for you then we don’t know what is!

Bonus tip: Try their Crazy Cheesy Tteokbokki. It has a lot of odeng or Korean fish cake!

Learn more about Rice In the City’s menu here

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