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My Chinoy Inspiration: Up for the challenge?


This Wednesday, the twenty-four Mr. & Ms. Chinatown PH candidates have yet again shown how they can continually break barriers and get creative despite the online setting!


For the initial part of their second challenge, the candidates were tasked to do a photo challenge depicting their culture and heritage, using items that remind them of being Chinoy. With that, the goal of this challenge was to not just take Instagram-worthy shots, but, like everything in the pageant, it roots back to the four pillars of the RISE Movement: Rebuild, Inspire, Strengthen and Empower – and in this case, the candidates aimed to inspire others to be resilient, innovative and to be proud of who they are.


Scroll down to see the candidates’ entries for Challenge 2A: Creativity! If you’re interested in seeing this plus more Mr. & Ms. Chinatown 2020 news and updates, don’t forget to check out their Instagram @mrmschinatownph!


Photo by Calyx Studio

(By row; from left to right)


Camille Bueneventura – “Calligraphy Brush”

Cassandra Chan – “Pancit”

Alexi Enriquez – “Dining Set Up”

Jea Go – “Silk”

Kat Ibasco – “Silk”

Maxine Kong – “Lanterns”

Kate Tan Pian – “Make Up”

Ezra Sy – “Mopit”

Latisha Tan – “Ang Pao”

Anie Uson – “Chinese Herbs”

Hillary Uy – “Sword”

Julianne Yap – “Jade Bracelet”


Photo by Calyx Studio


(By row; from left to right)


Herc Ang – “Microphone”

Carlo Carcido – “Lanterns”

Beef Co – “Mooncake”

Eric Cua – “Wushu”

Jiro Go – “White Rabbit”

Jerrick Luy – “Chopsticks”

Georwin Ng – “Wok”

Johann Sy – “Mooncake”

Don Tang – “Dice”

Abiather Tsai – “Gourd Flute”

Kevin Ty – “Fan”

Justin Yap – “Puso”

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