New Chinese Films that you need to see

With the award-winning K Film “Parasite” reaching critical and commercial acclaim all over the world, C-Cinema is not one to be left behind, and is now also leading the Asian invasion. 

The majority of Chinese films and dramas already feature excellent cinematography, talented actors, compelling stories, and overall excellent visuals and sound. Moreover, watching these movies is the best and most interesting way to learn about the culture and its long history. If you enjoy Chinese dramas already, then this list of films will not disappoint you. 

So here is a roundup of new flicks to watch that are not only available on Netflix but also on networks such as iQiyi, My Drama List, and C Drama Love.


See You Yesterday (2021)


See You Yesterday movie poster. (Source :


Aired: 30 July 2021

Tian Hong Jie, Nicky Li, and Li Yi Zhun star in the Chinese film See You Yesterday. With twin-angle narratives, the story is about children and love. Akun, a middle-aged man, returns to his final day of high school for Qian Qian, whom he had a secret crush on, hoping to express his love to her this time.

Director: Yao Ting Ting


My Forefathers and I (2021)



My Forefathers and I movie poster. (Source :


Releasing Date: 1 October 2021

My Forefathers and I is a Chinese Drama film starring the film’s directors, Wu Jing, Zhang Zi Yi, and Xu Zheng. It tells the story of the Chinese people’s blood connection and religious inheritance, and it recreates memories of the Chinese people’s hard work and legacy.

Director: Zhang Zi Yi, Wu Jing, Xu Zheng, Shen Teng


Five Water Boys (2021)


Five Water Boys movie poster. (Source :


Release Date: Sep 30, 2021

Because the pandemic is causing us so much distress, this Chinese Comedy Movie starring Xin Yun Lai, Feng Xiang Kun, and Li Xiao Qian will help you release your stress and get positive vibes. The film tells the story of five high school students who, by chance, join the swim team and find themselves in a situation in which they must complete a synchronized swimming performance.

Director: Song Hao Lin


Farewell, My Lad (2021)


On the Way to Hope movie poster. (Source :


Aired: 27 August 2021

Farewell, My Lad is a coming-of-age Chinese film starring Marco Zhang, Wendy Zhang, and Liu Shuai. Li Fei, a decent understudy, and Zhang Chen Hao, a terrible kid, who attend the same class in secondary school. The two of them grasp for coexistence. However their universes, once inextricably linked, become challenged by external pressing factors and opposing individual decisions.

Director: Yin Ruo Xin


Restart The Earth (2021)


Restart The Earth movie poster. (Source


Release Date: 3 September 2021

This Sci-Fi Drama film starring Mickey He, Zhang Ming Can, and Michelle Ye is about how, in order to combat desertification, humans develop drugs that promote the accelerated reproduction of plant cells, but they unintentionally liberate plants’ stress systems and awaken plant emotions. Plants that overproduce quickly engulf cities and attack humans. A global event that could result in the extinction of human civilization. The global joint action team has been deployed to implement drugs that inhibit plant activity as the green tide approaches. The Chinese team and survivors meet peril, travel through the city’s ruins, and collaborate to complete the impossible task. Screenwriter: Lin Zhen Zhao

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