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New Normal Fashion Essentials Everyone Should Have – Stat.

Slay it safe! Check out these must-need “new normal” fashion essentials for proper social distancing measures and safety.

 1) Alcohol

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At this point, it’s a requirement for all of us to bring alcohol everywhere we go. We need alcohol especially if we touch different things that can be dangerous and risky. It’s not all the time there would be a nearby sink where you can wash your hands. We suggest using mini pocket alcohols, which are convenient to carry everywhere you go. 

2) Disposable gloves

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This is just something extra if you want to keep yourself safe from all germs and bacteria out there. Disposable gloves come in handy especially if you touch random things that you’re unsure about. Plus, it’s disposable so you can simply throw them out once it’s used.

3) Face Mask

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Even before the lockdown face masks have already been in the use by many. Face masks is a very essential thing we need right now and what’s amazing is that a lot of creatives are innovating these masks into creative designs!

4) Face shields

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Recently, it’s not only the face masks that have been required to be worn at all times. As of now, it’s part of the protocol to wear face shields everywhere we go. For one thing, face shields are also essential to avoid the tendency to touch or wipe our eyes with unclean hands.

5) Attire

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PPE’s are not only necessities for medical frontliners, but also for individuals who wear them for extra safety measures. One should remember that it is also an important factor to buy the best options out there which is one with proper ventilation and full coverage of the body. Although it can be difficult to wear them due to its heaviness. It will properly keep you safe from the environment around you.

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