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Nila Capital: Empowering Gen Z Startup Founders

In an era marked by a surge of youthful talent within the local startup ecosystem, the prospect of assuming the role of a startup founder is rapidly gaining momentum and enthusiastic support. Nila Capital, the country’s first and only student venture fund, is proud to announce its official launch, bringing a new wave of value to Gen Z startup founders across the country. Nila Capital’s mission is to not only offer these visionary young entrepreneurs access to vital capital but also to cultivate an expansive network of industry professionals. This nurturing environment aims to fuel their growth and triumph in the face of the distinctive challenges confronting youthful founders.

Central to their ethos is the resolve to bridge the funding gap, providing aspiring innovators from diverse backgrounds with the necessary resources to propel their visions into tangible realities. This drive is underpinned by an ambition to leave an imprint on industries, communities, and society’s perception of Gen Z trailblazers.

General Partner Ryan Chua and Managing Partner Jason Ho (right)

Nila Capital was founded by Jason Ho and Ryan Chua, both former startup founders themselves. Drawing from their personal experiences, they started the fund to not only identify but also bolster young founders with the potential to birth the region’s next unicorn. With the experience and resources they have gained, their objective is to work with fellow young trailblazers, shepherding their startups into success.

Why the focus on Gen Z founders? Aside from being members of the generation themselves, the team at Nila Capital believes that there’s no shortage of smart young people in the Philippines. Ho shares, “What’s stopping them (young founders) from materializing their ideas into a full fledged business is often the lack of capital and proper connections to institutions. These resources are usually built as you make your own career and gain more experience, but if there’s a way to have access to this while you’re young, then the possibilities are endless. What’s also great is that there’s much less to lose while you’re young. You are encouraged to build, gain experience, and be gritty which is often overlooked.”

Nila Capital envisions a future where young founders are able to rise as champions in the startup community, bringing in fresh ideas and diverse perspectives on building companies that serve the nation. At the heart of Nila Capital’s philosophy lies the belief that “It takes a village to raise a child.” This principal value underscores their commitment to collaboration and collective strength, uniting the Filipino startup community to propel the country’s young leaders towards unparalleled success.

The launch of Nila Capital is an invitation to join an inspiring and transformative movement. As the fund unlocks the boundless potential of dedicated, imaginative visionaries, aspirations will take flight, and exceptional startups will emerge as an influential catalyst for change.

Together, a vibrant community of dreamers, thinkers, and doers will sculpt the landscape of entrepreneurship in the Philippines, uplifting the trajectory of the nation’s future. Nila Capital embraces an industry-agnostic approach and stands ready to invest across diverse sectors. For more information about Nila Capital, please visit www.nilacapital.asia.


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