Okada Manila’s Yu Lei Unveils Special Menu for the Last Quarter of 2023

This Mooncake Festival, media and digital content creators attended the Mid-Autumn Thanksgiving Dinner hosted by Okada Manila’s Vice Chairperson, Takako Okada. It was a collaboration with Yu Lei, a premium dining Chinese restaurant by the visionary chef Mikiya “Miki” Imagawa.  

The event introduced cuisine from a Michelin-starred restaurant originating from Hong Kong to Filipino people. The dinner was a fine selection of dishes with a symphony of flavors designed for the discerning palate.

The dinner began with a delicious platter with seven appetizers and a flavorful steamed seafood dumpling soup.

7 Types of Appetizers

A Gastronomical Experience 

After indulging in the appetizer, the attendees tasted the main dishes, including the tender marinated wagyu sirloin with caviar and vegetables. Along with the wagyu sirloin, Yu Lei also served beef tenderloin with paprika in X.O. sauce, succulent grilled lobster with sesame butter sauce, pan-fried Japanese scallops with zucchini, and Peking duck and lettuce fried rice.


The marinated Wagyu Sirloin

Grilled Lobster with Sesame Butter Sauce and Pan-fried Japanese Scallops

A dinner is not complete without dessert. After enjoying the flavorful taste of the main dish, Yu Lei served the oolong tea pudding with fresh fruits and black sesame dumplings in jasmine tea soup.

Since Yu Lei only offers a special menu, which is seasonal, these dishes will only be served during the last quarter of 2023, starting with the Mooncake Festival.

The Oolong Tea Pudding

The Story Behind Yu Lei

As a visionary chef, Chef Miki drew inspiration from the elegance of flowers for Yu Lei’s name and concept, symbolizing beginnings and growth, elements reflected in the restaurant’s culinary philosophy. Yu Lei’s design and gentle name also symbolize a fresh start and a continuous evolution in the culinary industry. 

With his passion, diligence, and culinary talent, Chef Miki earned the Michelin star for the original Yu Lei Branch in six months. As he made his name in the culinary world, he also crossed paths with Takako Okada in Beijing, which started a fulfilling journey and eventually led him to Okada Manila. 


Chef Miki with Mrs. Okada

Serving Modern Shanghainese From Hong Kong to Manila 

Transitioning from Hong Kong to Manila also gave Chef Miki challenges and learning curves because of the diverse culinary landscapes. He remains committed to presenting dishes that resonate with local palates, ensuring that the experience will be more flavourful and a personal experience. 

When it comes to work, Chef Miki admires the hardworking attitude of both Hong Kong and Filipino people. This uplifts and inspires Chef Miki and becomes one of his unforgettable treasures that enriches his Yu Lei journey. 

Okada Manila has a vibrant cultural scene where you can taste the world of flavors. So, to celebrate the Mooncake Festival, you can visit Yu Lei on the Ground floor, Restaurant Promenade, Pearl Wing. They are open Tuesday to Sunday (12 NN to 11 PM) for lunch and (12NN to 5 PM)  for Chinese High Tea and Light Lunch.






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