One MaFIAmily Donation Drive Gives Aspiration and Faith to the Hope of our Future!

In these trying times, one of DLSU’s accredited professional student organizations, the Management of Financial Institutions (MaFIA) took initiative to help their beneficiary, the Visions of Hope Foundation, by launching One MaFIAmily, their first-ever donation drive event. 

One MaFIAmily was launched last April 8, 2021. It was kicked off with a webinar, which made people aware about the importance of media, information literacy and civic engagement as well as the impact of unity in helping those who are in dire need, most especially in these trying times. It ended with a bang last May 21, 2021 through a concert which made audiences sway to the tunes of their musical night. 

In partnership with DLSU Management of Financial Institutions, we would like to express our sincere and heartfelt gratitude to all the people who helped and supported One MaFIAmily. It was truly magnificent and will always be remembered not just by the organization but also by the children from Visions of Hope Foundation, who were able to receive a sense of aspiration to continue their life despite hardships and the faith to achieve their dreams. 

May we always remember that children are the hope of our future, hence, we must continue to give the love, support, and care they genuinely deserve! 








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