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Perrin Allison Ganal: On erasing lines between career and passion

For some people, their work is not always in line with their life’s passions. They may have a high position in their careers, working at a reputable company but this does not always mean that they are following their passions. 

With this, most people would opt to be more “practical” and set their desires aside in pursuit of focusing on their work, or where the money comes from.

Despite this norm, Perrin Allison Ganal proves that there is no need to choose between the two as he happily juggles being an IT consultant by day, an artist by night, and a boss of their family business in between.

Ganal acknowledges the need to be practical especially in our time today hence, his diligence in his work as an IT consultant. Nevertheless, he never forgets to focus on himself and his passions as a true artist. He loves spending time drawing portraits of comic book characters such as Marvel, DC and Anime. It is definitely not everyday that you come across an on-his-laptop-all-day IT consultant who also happens to have a unique talent for drawing.


Aside from portraits, he also sketches Chinese calligraphy which all Chinoys would know is not an easy feat. Ganal adds that he took the time and effort to self learn these difficult drawing styles. 

Going beyond Chinoy traditions

It is not uncommon knowledge that most Chinoy parents are not a fan of their children pursuing the arts. Instead of completely foregoing his passion for drawing and the arts, Ganal successfully juggles his time between his passion and work. “It’s the best solution. I get to do what I love and at the same time be in line with the usual Chinoy norm and culture. It’s a win-win,” he shared. 

His hard work dedicated to his passions has definitely paid off as today, Ganal’s art account in Instagram and Tiktok has gained a considerable amount of followers, including an influential Korean model with over 1 million followers.

To all other Chinoys out there who may be having the trouble of choosing whether to follow their passions or focus instead on their work career, Ganal shares a very helpful piece of advice. “There’s absolutely no sin in pursuing your passion in life regardless if it’s art, veterinary, mechanic, business, etc. You live to do what you love and enjoy every bit of it. You only live once. Don’t let others dictate what life you should live,” he said.


Check out more of Ganal’s artworks on his Instagram: @just.sketch.png

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