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Plants to buy amidst the ‘plant-demic’ according to a Chinoy plantito

Due to the pandemic and the surge in demand for houseplant values, prices have skyrocketed, leading many individuals to view plants as potential investments. With common plants classified as rare,’ such as Monstera deliciosa and Alocasia macrorrhizos.

This was not the first-time plants created a huge demand. Such events have also existed during the 2020 Aroid craze that caused prices of indoor plants to rise as well. As we all take the initiative to bring nature back from the brink, nature is essential to all our lives and we should learn that investing in plants is a wise decision especially during these times of uncertainty.

Here are some plants one should start investing in, according to Albert Tang, a passionate Chinoy plantito with over 8 years of experience.

“Being in the hobby for 8 years I have seen the prices of plants go up to crazy amounts and dropdown. This is of course caused by supply and demand. When plants are easy to propagate it is easy for prices to go down. Especially when there are techniques like tissue culture available.”

“Even though I have been collecting plants for 8 years I never really view my plants as an investment. Rather I buy them because growing them makes me satisfied and happy, especially being able to grow challenging plants. However, if you would like to invest in plants you must first consider what your goal is. You must reflect if you want to grow something that gains value like fine wine, or something that you are confident that you could easily propagate and sell.”

“I personally believe Cycads are the crème de la crème of plants. Cycads are not only elegant and hardy but also you get your money’s worth as they are slow growers, and take time to propagate retaining their value and costing more as they age. Furthermore, if you want to start a collection of Cycads there are a lot of species that you can collect from Zamias to Encephalartos to Cycas. However, when growing Cycads one must be patient as Cycads are not fast growers.”

“On the other hand, If you would like something faster to propagate and something that you would sell immediately after a few months you can go for some of these popular plants which can be easily propagated through stem cuttings. I propagate these plants by cutting the top growth with aerial roots and stick the cutting into a mix of Cocopeat and Pumice.” 


Monstera adansonii

“Despite the rise of demand for indoor plants due to its fast growth rate Monstera adansonii could easily be propagated. The normal green Monstera adansonii is the perfect starter plant for every beginner plant-lover.” 


Scindapsus pictus

“Looking for something metallic and affordable. Scindapsus pictus is the perfect plant for you. Even if Scindapsus takes more time to root than Monstera adansonii propagation is still the same.” 


Epipremnum pinnatum ‘variegata’

Epipremnum pinnatum also known as ‘Tibatib’ is a Philippine native. The variegated Tibatib is a highly desirable plant. As you see variegation is a rare genetic mutation that happens to only a few percent of the population.”


Amydrium medium

“Amydrium is an underrated plant despite the rise of popularity of its lookalike, Amydrium has not yet gained popularity.” 


Rhaphidophora tetrasperma

Rhaphidophora tetrasperma also is known as ‘Mini Monstera’ even if it’s not part of the genus monstera is a small and attractive plant. Not only it is a miniature look-alike of Monstera deliciosa but an incentive is that it grows faster once it is established.” 

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