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MMCP update: These candidates dominated the pre-event challenges

The 24 stunning ladies and gentlemen of Mr. and Ms. Chinatown Philippines 2020 have all definitely left us in awe after giving their all on this year’s challenges, which were centered on Confidence, Culture, and Creativity! For each challenge, the candidates were able to break barriers and continually showcase their wits, style, and Chinoy identities through different platforms and mediums. With that, the contestants’ performances were assessed based on various criteria by renowned judges. 

Find out who aced the initial phases of the competition. Scroll down to see the Top 3 contenders for each of the challenges below! 


Truly, these candidates have showcased their poise and confidence even under extreme pressure:

 Photo by Calyx Studio


These candidates showcased their fashion sense and creativity through a Tiktok-facilitated fashion show. Revisit their entries in the MMCP Facebook and Instagram accounts!

Photo by Calyx Studio


These contestants have definitely shown that the challenge was not only about having the grandest headpiece but also about connecting to their personal heritage and appreciation of their own culture! You may also revisit their entries in the MMCP Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Photo by Calyx Studio


The time has almost come! The candidates of this year’s Mr. and Ms. Chinatown Philippines have dazzled us all with their performances and entries for the three special challenges. However, one question remains unanswered–who will bring home the crown?

Don’t forget to witness how the candidates rise as one this October 18 (Sunday) at the Grand Coronation Night, live via Kapamilya live-streaming at 11:00 a.m. with an encore cable TV airing on the Kapamilya Channel at 10:45 p.m.!

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