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Radiation Therapy: How it works and how it helps cancer patients

In movies or in real life, you probably have already heard of radiation therapy as one of the most common treatments for people battling cancer. But, do you know how it works? Read on to gain more information about this treatment modality and how it can help cancer patients. 

Radiation therapy helps cancer patients by serving various treatment goals such as curing the disease, reducing the risk of tumor recurrence, or palliating symptoms. 

At Cardinal Santos Medical Center, radiation treatment against cancer is made easier and more effective through a new machine called Vital Beam Linear Accelerator.

The hospital’s new Vital Beam machine allows oncologists to perform more advanced radiation techniques which are proven to be more beneficial for the patient as radiation is delivered to more specific areas while sparing healthy and normal tissues from unnecessary harmful toxicities.

It is important to note, however, that radiation therapy is a cancer treatment option that necessitates a thorough assessment of several medical aspects such as the type of cancer and the patient’s overall health condition.

As such, once patients arrive at the Cancer Center of Cardinal Santos Medical Center, they are first received for a preliminary health screening.

The goal of the initial consultation is to thoroughly assess the patients’ case, determine the indications for radiation therapy, explain the procedure, and answer any questions that may arise.

With all the breakthroughs in cancer treatment, being diagnosed with the disease need not be a hopeless case. It is a fight patients can conquer, especially with proper medical guidance from experts.

Patients can book their appointment by calling CSMC Cancer Center or by setting a consultation directly with their attending radiation oncologist through (02) 8727 0001 local 4302 or (0939) 914 5633.


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