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5 reasons why you should watch Chinese BL series ‘The Untamed’

It’s already 2020 but why is this 2019 drama is still a hype? 

Are you out of dramas to watch? Then you should put this TV series on your bucket list. These are the reasons why this Netflix drama is worth a try!

‘The Untamed’ is about the life of two talented disciples, Wei Wu Xian and Lan Wang Ji, both from respectable clans. When they wanted to take on the legacy of their ancestors by protecting their place, they decided to get rid of the ominous threat which waged the life of Wei Wu Xian. Because of a self-sacrificing ritual, after 16 years, he was brought back to life. The story unfolds from there.


1. If you love bromance stories, this is for you! 

This BL (Boy Love) Drama is still dominating the world of CDramas. Loyal viewers have created their fandoms and groups to support the series. In and offset, the fans constantly admire them both because of their incredible chemistry! 

2. Sense of loyalty or family

You can observe the sense of brotherhood and loyalty between the students and their masters. It reminds viewers of Confucious’ teachings–regarding loyalty as one of the principles for governing relationships with friends and other people from outside their family. The way they obey and respect each other is truly admirable!


3. You can readily binge-watch the complete series! 

With a total of 50 episodes to watch with a duration of 45 minutes per episode, you can binge-watch this drama with subtitles for a few days! You can watch ‘The Untamed’ in your favorite streaming apps like WeTV, Viki Rakuten, and Netflix. If you got caught up and wanted more of their story then you can watch the ‘The Untamed Special Edition’ available on WeTV. This special chapter focuses more on Lan Yang Ji and Wei Wuxian.


4. It was based on a novel.

This drama was adapted from the hit BL novel ‘Mo Dao Zu Shi’ or also known as the ‘Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation’ by author Mo Xiang Tong Xiu. This novel falls under Xianxia, a genre of Chinese fantasy that is greatly influenced by Chinese mythology, martial arts, Taoism, and many other traditional Chinese elements. Xianxia is famous for its characters who had supernatural powers and became immortal. 


5. The soundtrack is incredible!

Believe it or not, this drama’s official soundtracks or OST was sung by the main casts themselves!. In real life, they are Idols from different boy groups in China. Xiao Zhan, who portrayed Wei Wu Xian, is the main vocalist of X-Nine that was formed by EE Media, Tencent Video, and SM Entertainment. On the other hand, Wang Yibo, the one who played as Lan Wangji, is a main rapper and dancer of a Korean-Chinese Idol group UNIQ. 

The Untamed is a rare gem and is worth the hype. You should give this drama a shot and try a different genre from your usual rom-com dramas.

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