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The Best 2021 New Year Countdown Performances in China

2021 has dawned into a hopefully better and brighter year! 

China’s top TV broadcasters celebrated the event by battling it out amongst themselves to get the most viewers for their extravagant countdowns. It’s during this time when fans from all over the world are able to enjoy performances from China’s hottest stars!

Here is a recap of some of the most memorable stages of the evening:


CCTV New Year Countdown 

Kris Wu 

Many fans have looked forward to seeing Kris Wu’s entertaining stage performances of “大碗宽面” (A Big Bowl of Thick Noodles) and “贰叁” (Eternal Love)!


Shen Yue & Li Zefeng

Meteor Garden’s Shen Yue and Perfect Partner’s Li Zefeng performed a charming duet of 世界这么大还是遇见你 (The World is So Big But I Still Met You) for their CCTV stage.


Other performers at CCTV’s New Year Countdown include Li Yichun, Yang Mi, Zhou Bibi, Guan Xiaotong, Wang Yuan, Zhou Shen, Mao Buyi, Ouyang Nana, Ayanga, Zhang Yunlong, Tan Songyun, Jin Chen, BonBon Girls 303, and many more.



Hunan TV New Year Countdown

Wang Yibo

Debuting his latest single “我的世界守则” (The Rules of My World), Wang Yibo delivered a daring and highly anticipated performance that left fans screaming for more!


Justin Huang & Wu Xuanyi

NEXT’s Justin Huang and Rocket Girls’ Wu Xuanyi treated fans to an intensely hot dance battle with this exciting stage!


Other performers in Hunan TV’s New Year Countdown include Kris Wu, Huang Zitao, Li Yifeng, Zhu Yilong, Zhang Xincheng, Chen Feizi, Chen Xuedong, Chen Youwei, Da Zhangwei, Ding Yuxi, Hua Chenyu, Ma Tianyu, Victoria Song, Song Weilong, Darren Wang, Dylan Wang, and many more. 



Jiangsu TV New Year Countdown


Popular rookie girl group THE9 displayed a truly high-class stage with Dumb Dumb Bomb, the lead single of their debut album!


BonBon Girls 303

Another hot rookie girl group made waves on Jiangsu TV’s NYE program. Check out BonBon Girls 303’s jaw-dropping performance of “前方超A预警” (Super A Warning Ahead)!


Other performers for Jiangsu TV’s New Year Countdown include Li Yuchun, Wang Yuan, Zhou Shen, Joker Xue, Liu Yuning, Jason Zhang, Tan Weiwei, Mao Buyi, Hacken Lee, Zhou Bibi, Xiao Gui, Jane Zhang, Wang Ziyi, Wang Feifei, Jin Chen, and many more.



Zhejiang TV New Year Countdown

Zhang Yixing (Lay)

Serving impressive choreography and stage presence, Zhang Yixing’s eclectic mix of performances easily made him one of the most popular trends of the night. 


Cai Xukun

Known as the nation’s center, Cai Xukun delivered a captivating show of his hit songs “标签” (Label), “Hard to Get,” and “情人” (Lover). 


Other performers for Zhejiang TV’s New Year Countdown were Chen Linong, Cheng Yi, Fan Chengcheng, Meng Meiqi, S.K.Y., Yang Mi, and many more.



Dragon TV New Year Countdown

Xiao Zhan

Greeted by a red ocean of fans, Xiao Zhan offered a soul-touching rendition of “野子” (Wild Child), a song that he had previously performed pre-debut on the idol survival show X-Fire, as a greeting that inspires hope for the new year. 


Dilraba Dilmurat

Dilraba Dilmurat presented a uniquely beautiful performance of the classic Chinese folk song “打起手鼓唱起歌” (Play the Tambourine and Singing Songs), which paid tribute to her identity as an Uyghur, the ethnic people of Xinjiang.


Other performers for Dragon TV’s New Year Countdown include Sunnee, TNT, R1SE, Ren Jialun, Zhu Zhengting, Li Wenhan, and many more! 



Beijing TV New Year Countdown

Zhou Shen

There are fewer things as touching as Zhou Shen’s soulful interpretation of “荒城渡” (Passing by the Deserted City), a track which he contributed to the popular web series The Untamed.


Angela Zhang 

Audiences in Beijing were treated to a fantastic show of Angela Zhang’s powerful vocals with her delivery of “破茧” (Broken Cocoon)!


Other performers for Beijing TV’s New Year Countdown were Chen Linong, Deng Lun, Li Qin, Li Yuchun, Meng Meiqi, Elvis Wang, You Zhangjing, and many more.



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