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Record-High 1.3M Ratings for CHiNOY TV! This Sunday: The Revealing Herstory of Pinky Tobiano

The ratings are in! CHiNOY TV’s latest season Chinese by Blood, Filipino by Heart, has garnered 1.3 million views on its pilot episode. The show premiered on CNN Philippines last August 8, 2021 and was simulcast as well in CNN’s Facebook and CHiNOY TV’s Youtube and Facebook platforms. Altogether, the views amassed number the 1.3 million mark, a record for the 10-year-old Fil Chi Media Productions, Inc, producer of CHiNOY TV.

Last Sunday, the show spotlit the life of Teresita Ang-See, living champion of the Chinoy community during what can be described as some of the darkest times in our history. Up next this Sunday, CHiNOY TV now focuses on another strong female Chinoy, this time, chemist/entrepreneur/philanthropist Pinky Tobiano.

While Pinky Tobiano is already a mainstay in many magazine features for her unique sense of style, this is the first time that she talks about her story, from her struggles as a single mother to proving to her parents and the community that she could succeed in male-dominated industries.

Like most Chinoys, Pinky reminisces about the habit of ko tiam, “Hard work was really part of our culture. When I was 5 years old yung mga alam ng Chinoy na tinatawag na “Ko Tiam”. So for those who doesn’t know, ano ang Ko Tiam? Nagbabantay kami ng tindahan. So after school when all my classmates now can play and study, ako hindi pwede after school I have to Ko Tiam or watch our store, I give the change, and talk to people. On Saturdays when everybody can go out to the mall my friends I can not. I really have to stay in our poultry supply and give change or make sure I close the store.”

While a sacrifice at the time, Pinky now cites the wisdom of this discipline, “So when I was younger I really didn’t like this. I really would like to grow up like a normal child. I really would like to go to the mall and watch movie. But had it not been for this training of my parents I would not be where I am today, employing and helping these 300 families almost 700 lives that matters. This is because of the values my parents taught me. Hard work at a very young age of 5.”

Pinky recounts the start of her laboratory, and today, she has chosen to give back to the community by philanthropy. As someone who is very close to her ama, Pinky has devoted to a charity for them, “For the past 25 years when my Ama passed away I’ve been helping Golden Acres Home for the Aged which has 362 abandoned lolos and lolas until this very day. Aside from that I’m also helping a shelter called Reception for the Children which has 72 sexually abused children—from infants to 7 year old little boys and girls,” Pinky shares.

To this day, she grows wistful talking about her Ama, “When my Ama passed away I made sure I lived this tradition of giving back and helping those who are tired. Helping those who have least opportunities of being helped. And that’s because how my ama raised me and how my ama is. She’s a selfless and very hardworking lady which I truly love and I really miss.”

Pinky also opens up about her unique challenges—from having a broken marriage, being an entrepreneur in her early 20s, entering Harvard Business School… All these and more will be exclusively discussed in the episode premiering on August 22, Sunday, 8pm.

Catch Chinese by Blood, Filipino by Heart #1CH1NOY only on CNN Philippines via Free TV Channel 9, Sky Cable Channel 14, Cignal Channel 10. It will also simultaneously air on CNN Philippines’ webpage Find out more on Chinoy TV’s official website:

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