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Relish nostalgically your Chinoy childhood with Machang House

There is just something especially comforting about indulging in a childhood snack. 

For Chinoys, this can mean a whole variety of treasured memories, including a candy stash of White Rabbits and haw flakes; a warm, nutritious bowl of sibut soup; or a freshly steamed plate of your grandmother’s homemade machang — the last of which is precisely the nostalgic experience that Machang House delivers. 

Machang House, as one can tell by its name, is a Chinese specialty house dedicated to serving Chinoy (and non-Chinoy) diners the savory glutinous rice goodness that is machang. Its origins pay homage to the well-loved recipe of Grandma Pho Pho, whose popular rendition of the dish has been shared among family and friends since 1964. The actual online business, however, was founded only last June 2020, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, to rapidly growing success. 


Bigger, meatier, and yummier!

It goes without saying that the ingredients to Machang House’s swift growth in the culinary industry are, of course, mostly the sumptuous ingredients of the machang itself. Anchoring its roots down to authentic Cantonese cuisine, the restaurant’s version of the dish is generously stuffed with a mixture of meat, Chinese sausages, salted eggs, chestnuts, and more; taking fourteen long hours to create, eight of which are devoted to slow-cooking the delicacy to its utmost perfection. 

Weighing approximately 400 grams, one surefire way to describe Machang House’s take on this Chinoy classic is that it is bursting both in size and flavor. In fact, with such a large serving, you may even worry that this machang might actually overwhelm you — but there’s no need to fret! This one’s different. In contrast to its Hokkien counterpart, this glistening Cantonese gem is less salty. It is also cooked only with premium ingredients and is completely MSG- and preservative-free! 


Machang House’s machang are available in chicken (left) and pork (right) for P160.00/each.


Each and every machang prepared by Machang House is the result of an unyielding combination of patience, tradition, and culinary passion — values that are devoted to making the very best that have customers coming back for more. With Machang House, not only can you enjoy their machang’s distinct flavor-packed profile, but you are also given the opportunity to reminisce about the past. 

After all, where else can you find childhood nostalgia so delicious?


Machang House accepts orders via its Facebook (@MachangHouse) and Instagram (@machanghouseofficial) pages. For inquiries, you may contact them at 09496171577. 


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