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Reminiscing About ‘Sagwa the Chinese Siamese Cat’

I watched a lot of television growing up. I watched almost anything and everything I could — under adult supervision. While munching on treats after school, I watched everything from Voltes V to Power Rangers, Sesame Street and Barney to Care Bears. As Told By Ginger was one of my favorites while Kim Possible was my idol. I still sing the Rugrats theme song sometimes and will hum Winnie the Pooh’s “Little Black Rain Cloud” pretty often. I pretended to have the 6th ring needed to call on Captain Planet, and I wanted Timmy Turner’s Fairly OddParents. I ran down the stairs like the Bananas in Pajamas and wanted to go on adventures like the kids on Hiraya Manawari.

I remember most of the shows and I’ve seen and can talk about them for hours, in fact, I do talk about them — often with my friends, sometimes with my parents. I look up clips on YouTube. The thing is, sometimes there are shows that I’ll bring up that other people will have no recollection of and I’m left to wonder if I made up an entire television program in my head or if people are just messing with me. One of these shows is Sagwa the Chinese Siamese Cat.

I can sing the title song, I know what the cat looks like. I swear I’m not crazy. Sagwa the Chinese Siamese Cat was on the Disney Channel, and yet nobody seems to remember her except for me … and the Internet.


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Sagwa and her family were Siamese cats that reside in the Fujian magistrate palace during what seems to be the Qing Dynasty, as evidenced by their outfits. Sagwa and her friends go on adventures and learn moral lessons, as is typical of children’s shows. What’s so special about her and her family? They can write with their tails! I can barely write calligraphy with a brush in my hand, I cannot imagine writing with my … butt?



Sagwa the Chinese Siamese Cat is the first children’s show I ever saw that represented China and its culture. They showed a diverse set of animals that Sagwa was friends with, including a few Pekingese dogs! They showcased a part of my heritage and culture in a way that didn’t seem like I was in school listening to my teachers. From acrobatics to fighting for just laws, teaching kids familial piety and loyalty, the show was enjoyable. The theme song was great and I still know the lyrics.


Source: IMDb

Hao peng you, hao peng you,
Sagwa shi wo de hao peng you
Hao peng you, hao peng you,
Sagwa shi wo de hao peng you…
Sagwa, you’re my best friend…
If you can’t sing it, you must look it up. It’s one of the Chinese songs I know and enjoy. I’m hoping writing about this show about Siamese cats unlocks a core memory in some of your brains or at least inspires you to find and watch a few episodes of it.
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